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Who had Teal & Red Color Scheme

Whoever had the teal and red color scheme, there was a pretty wedding posted on the southern weddings blog today using your colors :)
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Re: Who had Teal & Red Color Scheme

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    Umm...Alissa? Have you been hangin out in my head?? I was about to post this!! And...I was craving Italian for lunch today (gorgonzola fiocchi)! Coincidence? I think not.Just do me a favor and whisper diet while you're in there!!
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    oooh that's  me!Just took a peek and it looks gorgeous :)Thank you guys <3
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    Ursula LMAO!!!! I need someone in my head muttering diet too! my dress comes in october and that bad boy BETTER zip!
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    ooh i have a teal and red (and yellow) scheme! I'm going to check it out!  Thanks for the heads up!
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