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December 2009 Weddings

100 days! Where my date twins??

We're at 100 days, ladies! (according to the ticker on theknot its 101, but my website says otherwise). Dec. 5th check in! How close are you to getting stuff done? excited?=)

Re: 100 days! Where my date twins??

  • I'm December 5, too, and I feel like I have so much to do yet.  I think I'm just being paranoid, though. I'm getting excited, but stressed out with the amount of time left.  I still have to: - print invites- order flowers- order FI's ring- schudule a dress fitting- find shoes- schedule a stylist- start favours- finish CPs, including buying some the supplies- finalize guest list and get addresses- find a cheap-ish cupcake stand to order- print photo share cards and programs if we're doing themAnd I'm sure there is more, but it just stresses me out to think about it.  I guess 100 days is still quite a bit of time.....I hope.And you?  How close are you to having things done?  Stressed or excited?
  • Awesome!  I'm still a week from my "100 Day" mark, but I"ve been planning to do something fun to celebrate it.....hahaha.Glad someone else is excited as I am about the 100 day's :)
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  • Ooh, I just got my block of hotel rooms reserved!  One thing to mark off the list.  I made 3 loose leaf pages full of lists the other day and taped them to my kitchen wall.  Seeing it will hopefully make me remeber to do it.  The lists terrify FI, though - lol.
  • Yay Dec. 5th! I've lost track of what I still need to do (oops!) But next week is my first shower, and I'm putting together invites. Exciting :)
  • I think you should post your list :)  I like looking at peoples list to see if I'm forgetting something.....we can all compare lists
  • Dec 5th checkin in!!Seems like this year has gone by soooo freakin fast! 100 days to go already :)Things that are still on my to-do list:-Finalize the invitations. I had them custom made so I'm basically waiting on the final design.-Send out Invitations-Buy Wedding favors-Finalize the cake design-FI still needs to go get his tux-I still need to do my alterations on my dress, but I'm going to wait another month-Find a veil-Find cute flip-flips to wear for the wedding-Need to find a Guestbook, toasting flutes, and cake cutter-Need to order linens-Finalize the flowers-Finalize the music list-Finalize the seating arrangements/Reception layout-Figure out what we are doing for the Rehersal-Decide between starting the ceremony at 3pm or 3:30pm-Gotta find the parents some gifts-Gotta find the Bridal Party some gifts-Get wedding jewelry-Get some work down on a tattoo-Lose 10 lbs-Find another $10,000 somewhere :)Thats all I can think of right now. Its really amazing how everything has come together and fallen into place. When I first started planning, I was worried of having too much to do at the last few months. But as I look at my list...I'm pretty pleased :)
  • Yayy! But scary!!I still have so much to do! ahhhh! Haha i agree with the PP, Find an extra 10grand! :)
  • Well considering as how we completely changed the whole theme, venue, and city of our wedding, I'd say we're doing pretty good. lol. We were originally going to get married in the town that I live in. We threw all those plans out the window when we saw how cheap it was to get married on the beach in December! We wanted to go to the beach to begin with and are so excited about our plans now. So let's see I still need to.... --print invites --make final menu selections for restaurant reception --order favors --get bridesmaids gifts --get engagement photos done --put engagement announcement in newspaper Other than that we've pretty much got things squared away... :)
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  • Wow..100 days already!!!  I was supposed to start my diet today!  Gotta get on that.  Ok here's my to-do list for Sept:-gifts for BMs & parents-Stuff invitations/send-when they arrive-when my dress comes in- schedule dress fittings and buy shoes, jewelry, head piece-FI needs to get his ring-order ketubah-make appt with my florist to see a sample of my centerpieces.-lose 5 lbs.-start hitting the summer sales for my honeymoon wardrobe.I have my hair/make-up trial on Friday.  Things are starting to fall into place!! 
  • I am super excited to hit double digits :)  Things are definitely starting to come together.  The girls dresses just came in last week and so did the invites.  My to do list seems really long, almost overwhelming, some days and other days it doesn't seem so bad.Major To Dos:-assemble centerpieces-put together flowers-do hair and makeup trial-get dress altered-address and send out invites-order liquor for bar-buy plane tickets for honeymoon-make thank you poster for wedding day-make programs and assemble-order photo share cards-decide if we are going to showcase any pics of us grwoing up-create seating chart and posterMy head is starting to spin, that's plenty to think about right now:)
  • I can't believe I only have 100 days left. I still have to:InvitationOrder JewelryOrder ShoesBuy gifts for my hostessFinalize the flowers with the floristPlaylist for the DJFinalize the ceremony decorget marriage licenseHair trialsAlterations for my dressMeet with the Cake ladyProgramsPrint MenusFinalize theReception programPurchase a toss bouquetI know I missing something.. I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time... Good Luck to all....
  • Date twin here! I can't believe it's 100 days away! Wedding planning has been on the back burner since we are buying a house and closing is next week but we are picking the wedding stuff back up this weekend when we go order our invitations. Next on the list is picking a florist and my first dress fitting in 2 weeks!
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  • ah! that reminds me! I have to finish getting my BM gifts, shower gifts for the hostesses, book the honeymoon...oh boy!lolo: try this website[url]<a href="http://tinyurl.com/ab5mbp" rel='nofollow'>http://tinyurl.com/ab5mbp</a>[/url]
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