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August 2010 Weddings

WTDYT - Wedding Favors

I'm trying to come up with ideas for wedding favors & since most of my vendors are all local I thought why not make my favors something local as well. There is a really good chocolate shop in the town next to wear I grew up & they do personalized chocolate bars...tell me what you think...You can add any photo & they are $1.75 per bar[img]http://www.oldmonmouthcandies.com/Images/Wedding/weddingbar.jpg[/img]

Re: WTDYT - Wedding Favors

  • I really like the M&M idea. I've been to weddings before with it- big hit!!
  • Yeah I saw it & loved it. Only problem is we just looked at the m&m site and ordering specific colors can be kinda pricey. We will probably hold off a while & wait for deals & for a better idea of the head count.
  • Definately love the chocolate bars!  I checked into the M&M's too and agree, they are a little pricey.  We have a chocolate place here on the island so I thought about checking into having chocolate flip flops or palm trees or something beachy made for us but I'm not sure yet.  Guess it willd depend on how much that would cost.  I can't see paying to much money for something that small that will be devoured in a bite or two....LOL!!!  I saw some website that does cookies in beach themes but they want $5.00 a cookie and I thought that was a little high.  But $1.75 per bar for you is great, good find!
  • I love the M&M idea...but I know those can get pricey. To be honest I don't really like the chocolate bar unless it's a real Hersey bar or something b/c I have been to baby showers when they give "it's a boy" chocolate bars and they are always really nasty. Just make sure that the chocolate tastes good first before you decide on those.

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  • I love the candy idea which is why instead of individually wrapped favors at everyone's place - we're leaning towards a candy buffet right now - especially since I am a chocoloate lover and FI is not - we can have the best of both worlds! Plus! Lots of leftovers!
  • i know michaels sells the colored m&ms.. and they always have the 40% off coupons.. or a lot of times in the newspaper coupon section (i love coupons) they have discount codes to order the colored m&ms online.. i actually have the coupons from last sunday.. here are the codes!!! maybe it will help the budget a little one is for a free bonus bag: mymms.com/bag26 promo code: bag26 one is for 10%off order: mymmsc.om/percent26 promo code: percent26 one is for $15 off 5lb and 10lb bulk orders: mymms.com/dolloar 26 promo code: dollar26 HTH
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  • I also liked the M&Ms but I think they are too pricey. For 1.75 a bar I would totally do that. You don't even need one for each person you could do several on one table depending on the number of people per table.
  • tinydancer - i've had their chocolate before it's delicious!! they sell them at my office as a fund raiser and they are a huge hit around my neck of the woods.
  • If it's delicious... Do those :) I love chocolate bars!

    Expecting baby #1: May 17, 2013
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