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Wedding Woes

Re: MRI sex

  • edited December 2011
    This makes me want to cry for this woman, btw.
  • ~~Busy.~~~~Busy.~~ member
    edited December 2011
    I can't watch videos at work.  May I have a summary?
  • edited December 2011
    Busy it's an MRI video of two people having sex. The scientists wanted to see what they could see, basically. The woman looks like her insides are being punished.
  • LnR70707LnR70707 member
    Tenth Anniversary 2500 Comments 5 Love Its
    edited December 2011
    well....that's different.
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  • **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    edited December 2011
    This was part of a discovery health thing...yeah?
  • edited December 2011
    Who paid for the crap. The "scientist" just made magnet porn.
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