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September 2009 Weddings

PIP: Makeup trial

I've been slightly MIA - lots going on with house & wedding prep!Anyways - here are my pics. I love my makeup artist! Inspiration: Trial Pic:

Re: PIP: Makeup trial

  • Love the inspiration pic & love it even more on you (for real)!
  • I love it! I think you look fabulous!
  • Soooo beautiful!  I LOVE your eyes!  I might have to use your pic as an inspiration for my makeup girl :)
  • Ummm PERFECT!!!
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    Audrey Pearl
  • It looks fantastic!
  • very, very pretty. she did a wonderful job!
  • oh my gosh, SO pretty!!! It came out amazing!
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  • so pretty! im so jealous of your cheekbones :)
  • I think I'm just jealous of Riss in general! :)
    Rachel's Nest

    Audrey Pearl
  • Looks beautiful!!! And I love the dress in the inspiration pic too haha
  • It looks perfect! I loooove the lipstick color she used on you!
  • Thanks ladies! Let's just hope the hair lives up to the makeup. I've had 2 hair trials and we've only gotten 85% there. Not my stylists' fault. We had miscommunications both times and then half way through the 2nd trial, we decided to go in a COMPLETELY different direction, so she did her best, but at that point my hair had HAD IT, so it wasn't very cooperative! LOL!
  • I love it!  Looks exactly like the inspiration!
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  • Very pretty!! I love the eyes.
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  • Oh my gosh, your eye makeup is AMAZING!  Did she use mattes?  It's hard to tell but looks like there's some shimmer/metallic in there?  My stylist (who does makeup too) didn't quite get there with my eyes.  Either that or I just can't pull off a smoky look.  You do it ridiculously well though, I'm jealous!
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