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tipping priest?

Aside from the cost to "rent" the church, will you be tipping your priest?  If so, how much is appropriate?  The new secretary at church seems to be clueless about most things and I don't really want to call her to ask.

Re: tipping priest?

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    We're going to give a $150 "donation" to him.   I wouldn't call it a tip ;) but I know what you mean.
  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    priest's fee was $100, we paid him that via check, same with teh church fee. we then gave him a nice thank you card with $100 cash in it.  it will probably end up with the church anyway. we also have a nice 5x7 framed photo of him administering our vows to us at the altar that we're giving him this sunday.
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    We gave the priest $100 in cash on top of the church fees.The altar servers each got $25.
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    Thanks, ladies!  I think I'm gonna go with $100 and a thank you card.
  • dogluver315dogluver315 member
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    Our priest loves to hike so we're giving him a $200 gift card to Bass Pro Shops so he can get hiking gear. This is something we know he will use for himself and not give to the church (our church fees are $1500 and $250 for the organist).
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    I know this was posted awhile ago.. Anyway, we tried giving our priest a donation, but he wouldn't accept it. He told us he wasn't aloud to, and that it's a sacrament. Our musicians had a fee, but we ended up just putting a larger donation in the offering basket since there wasn't a fee for the church either.
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