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Need to vent

So I was at lunch today with FI and other coworkers. One of them happens to be FI groomsman who I have never really liked. Well we were talking and goofing around FI makes a joke so I roll with it. Well the groomsman gets offended and then starts saying ill kill you blah blah blah. FI didnt stand up for me or protect me he actually instigated this whole thing. Well the groomsman is pissed because he actually thinks ill do something to his knee. I dont know who I am more angry with, FI or the jerk of a groomsman?? I vote groomsman just because hes never liked me and hes got a serious attitude and relationship issues. TIA for reading my vent...   

Re: Need to vent

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    I vote BOTH!! lol.....Men are such pain's in the a** sometimes! I know what you mean about some of the groomsmen! I think thats why FI does not want "groomsmen", becuase his best friend and I don't always see eye to eye.... Well....It's good that you vented....and maybe talk to FI about the fact that you were hurt that he did not stand up for you, just make is casual and not to serious and maybe he will take the hint...GL
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    I'm sorry...I'm a little confused....GM said he'll kill you? And is pissed because he thinks you'll hurt his knee? I'm assuming the joke had something to do with hurting him? Maybe? Well regardless.....to actually get mad at a joke and think you'd physically harm him (which I'm sure you'd like to) is kinda ridiculous.  I'm going to vote for GM too.
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    I vote both! Your FI should have defended you and the GM needs to lighten up!
  • mloeksmloeks member
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    I would be more upset with fi for not standng up for me, but that is really important to me.
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    I agree with pp - definately FI. Who cares what GM thinks but when he says stupid comments like that, FI should really step up.
  • pebbs_17pebbs_17 member
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    I'd be more upset that my FI didn't stand up and defend when someone threatened to kill me!
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