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August 2010 Weddings

When are you sending your STD's?

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome!  My fiance and I are getting married in Cape Cod, which will be a destination wedding for about 95% of our guest list.  Accomodations are a HUGE problem since so many people summer and take vacations on the Cape (hotels are super expensive, the are minimum stay requirements, etc).  I want to get our STD's out ASAP and encourage people to book their accomodations sooner rather than later, but I'm wondering if sending them out in September or October would be too early...any opinions?Thanks!

Re: When are you sending your STD's?

  • i'm not doing std's but i know most people here are sending them december/january
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  • I'm doing things a little different than the norm, but we are sending out engagement announcements in the next couple weeks and I made a save the date magne that we are sending out with it.  I know it's early even for destination weddings (which ours is not) but I figured since its a magnet, that we could save a bit of postage and send it with our announcements.  They can pop it onto their fridge and have a cute reminder of our wedding wvery time they grab the milk :)
  • We're sending them out with our Christmas cards. I am working on designing them now.
  • We are also sending them with Christmas cards. I would send them ASAP especially with your situation. It's a popular place and its during the summer, so you need to give people extra time to plan and save.
  • We are sending them with Christmas cards as well so people can schedule vacations around it if they want to come, also some people (like at my job) have to start scheduling vacation early in the year.
  • I am sending mine in November- 9 months before.  I want them to stick out from the Christmas card mailings.  But thats a good idea to save $ for the gals doing it!
  • I am sending mine out in the next few weeks. Placing the order Saturday. :-)  Waiting on one more address.What I have learned in the few months I have been engaged...it is my wedding...there is no "right" no "wrong" no "early" no "late" :-) like my FI says, "whatever makes you happy dear." :-)
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  • there is no "right" no "wrong" no "early" no "late" :-) like my FI says, "whatever makes you happy dear."~EXACTLY!!ok, well i might disagree on the "late" part.  When I chose my venue in May, there was only ONE august 2010 date left.  If i had waited, it may have been "too late".  But other than that, I agree totally!
  • Cara - (fellow CBI wedding right?), I am sending ours' out October/November.  I agree that people need to make plans b/c it is the heart of the Summer vacation season down the Cape. Good luck! (and I really need to get going on mine...I can't believe it's almost September)!!!  
  • Yes!  Fellow CBI bride here - you know the problem!  As soon as I can get the accomodation list squared away (ughh!), finalize the guest list, and get some e-pics we're going to get them out.  I can't believe it's almost September either, where did the summer go?Speaking of e-pics, we're thinking of taking them in Mass the last weekend of Sept - do you have any recommendations for photographers that do just e-pics? my fiance's uncle is most likely going to be our photog - he's a professional - but he's in Pittsburgh so he can't make the trip to mass for the e-pics.
  • the only thing that sucks about sending out std's super early is you MUST invite all those people. no matter if you find yourself incredibly over budget and need to cut your guest list or if your friendship is no longer as great as it was when you sent them out. it is incredibly rude to send someone a std & not an invite.
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  • I have not booked photog yet and we're not getting e pictures....HOWEVER, I nkow this is a great photographer and I am sure they do e-photos. www.bellophoto.com I know a friend of a friend who used them and said they were the nicest people and the pictures were absolutely gorgeous!!!  By the way - did I meet you down at CBI a few weekends ago???
  • Thanks - I'll check them out!  Unfortunately, it wasn't me - I flew home last weekend (south shore), but didn't have a chance to get down to Chatham - I still have yet to see the Beach House set up for a wedding, so I'll probably continue to pick your brain until I do! Haha :)
  • We're sending our's out within the next few weeks. Since we're having a destination too, and the economy has been so bad, we wanted to give everyone plenty of time so they can begin saving and so they can put it in their calendars before they begin planning their vacations for next summer. I don't think it's too early at all! We're getting married at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii - also a very busy place in the summer. So I say get on those and send em on out! =)
  • Since your wedding is in Cape Cod and will be a destination wedding for most of your guests I don't think September or October would be too early.
  • Beginning of December, if I can hold off till then. I already have them designed, and absolutely adore them, but I'm delaying mostly b/c I don't want to argue about guest list yet, and I know these will precipitate that. So, procrastinate city. :) I'm also not too worried b/c while we're doing a DW, our WP, close friends, and immediate family already know the date.
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