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Most accurate weather website?

Hi ladies! From your experience, what was the most accurate weather website you used? (if you stalked any)  I'm checking the weather for my upcoming wedding, and two sites are saying two different things (rain vs. partly sunny).  TIA!!

Re: Most accurate weather website?

  • NOAA.gov is the most accurate from my experience.  and the weather is very unpredictable here in Colorad
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  • My theory was to use the one i liked the best.. and it worked! :)

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  • I only checked accuweather.com and weather.com and accuweather was much more accurate.
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  • Im using weather.com and my local weather website.. check your local news channels to see what they used.. thats what im checking.. Im starting to feel better cause now for sunday its saying sunny!! Hope so its outside, but under a pavilion.
  • accuweather is the best, imowunderground isn't bad, but weather.com was the worst.
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    My advice is to not check the weather unless it is a vital part of your day. Be prepared for anything, but for me looking at the weather only stressed me out. I thought it was going to be 94 degree with 20 mph winds, and a couple days after I found out it was really 100 degrees and 30 mph winds. I didn't even notice, even though I was outside for 10 mintues waiting to walk into the church.
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  • nws.noaa.govThe forecasts are made by real, local people, rather than pure computer output.<== meteorologist
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