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January 2010 Weddings

Dumbest poll ever

Are you getting your cake server engraved? Totally not an important expense, but I want it done and FI thinks we should just do whatever my parents did and since they didn't do theirs... I don't get why he thinks we should do what they did... they got married over 30 years ago!

Re: Dumbest poll ever

  • we are getting ours engraved, but only because it came free with the purchase.
  • i never thought of that. hmmm. ill ask FI tonight what he thinks but it def wont come free with ours and i dont think i want to pay to have it done. we'll see what he says.  
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  • We are using my parents' set, but come to think of it, we'll need another set for FI's gluten free cake...I have no idea!
  • I think unless it was "free with purchase", I probably wouldn't bother with it ... but honestly getting it done isn't that important to me, so take it from where it comes.

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  • I havent ever thought about it, so Im saying No to that.  Just seems like another expense, and Id rather put the money towards something else.
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  • my mom made it seem like someone at my shower was "supposed" to get the set for us...or i guess that some one was planning on it...so i guess its up to what ever that person gets. she also said that someone is supposed to get my my garter as well ??!! I accidentally yelled at her for that one because I thought that was just wayyyy to weird. If I were to get them on my own, I probably wouldnt even get them engraved. I'm also the type to not even really care if the cake server was from the venue.
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  • Maybe this is a stupid question, but am I wrong to assume that the venue will provide this for me? I really don't care about having a special set, so I'd rather not buy it at all if I don't have to.
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  • raeyn--I'm sure they have to have something at your venue..that is if they do other weddings/events where cake is served.
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  • It's a waste of money if you ask me.  We are getting or renting a cheap set.  We don't eat much cake anyway and it's one of those things that you really don't use that often.  I feel like sentimentally you have lots of other things to keep!
  • Thanks everyone! That was pretty helpful, actually. Don't think we'll do it, FI keeps getting on me to spend less. But I heart cake, so it will get lots of use after the wedding.
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