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August 2010 Weddings

Home or DW?

Hi ladies!My fiance and I are completely torn, so I thought I'd see if anyone has been in a similar situation and get some advice. =)  We have a destination wedding in Hawaii planned. We know only about 40 of our friends & family will be able to come, but we were planning on having BBQ's or informal parties back home a month after the wedding. Now we're thinking about having the wedding at my grandparents' house a mile down the street from my parent's house. It would be the big at-home wedding and we'd probably have over 200 guests. FI's friends and family would all be able to come, and so would mine. Were any of you weighing the pros and cons of a destination wedding vs. a big at-home wedding? What were your thoughts? (PS I know I could post this in the DW section, but they obviously would say go DW. Same with the whole "Backyard wedding" board. So that's why it's posted here.)

Re: Home or DW?

  • I guess it depends what is more important -- have all your family & friends there or just a select few? I know I always dreamed of a beach wedding, but in the end I wanted everyone to attend & to be more in control of my wedding planning. (side note: I do live close to the beach, but there are so many tourists that time of yr it would not be private at all) I will have a lot less stress come the day of the wedding b/c all of my vendors are local (most of which are all in the same town). To me a DW is awesome in theory, but in reality doesn't always work out the best.
  • FI and I sat down and wrote down what he really wanted in a wedding: marry me on a beach with his mom, dad, and brother and not tons of ppl that he doesn't know very well; and what I really wanted in a wedding: my closest friends and family and a wedding that FI and I both really were excited about. We figured out a way to make what he wants *and* what I want by having a DW in Hawaii, where we'll spend the same there for three amazing days with the people who matter the most to us without having a huge local ceremony and reception that would probably grow beyond what we *both* wanted (which we don't want). So I recommend you and your FI sit down together and list out what you both really need to be happy on your wedding day, and be creative in making this happen. It may be this is a local wedding, or a DW, but it really depends on each of you. Best of luck! As everyone tells me - this really is about you and your FI. Make it the day you and your FI both want, whatever that means for you both.
  • I am going with a home wedding because I want to be able to celebrate with as many friends and family as possible. The benefit to the DW is that you're already at your honeymoon :)
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