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September 2009 Weddings

printing your own placecards

Of course this is how I'm spending my evening... but I thought I'd share what I learned. I bought placecards from Paper Direct online, office supply stores sell them. If you're going this route of printable ones, here's my thoughts: 1. They are an economical route to hiring a calligrapher and look nicer than writing. 2. They aren't all that easy to tear out; it will take a while to get ahold of it. Fold along perforations and tear the paper apart (halves, quarters, and then tear the edges of the cards). 3. Order lots of extras! It's way less stressful to just pitch the mistakes rather than fix. 4. Printing information inside (like table numbers is a b**ch), you have to print on the back, flip the paper turn it upside down-- it takes a bunch of trial and error. Hope that helps as you work on last minute details.

Re: printing your own placecards

  • See, I wish mine came in printable sheets. I have tent cards and I had to print every.single.one....individually! Which entailed taping it onto a piece of card stock, fiddling with the margins, and lots of mistakes. Hope your place card experience went better than mine (started at 9pm ended at 3:30am!!)  :)
  • Fiance is supposed to do these when he gets home tomorrow.
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  • FI is in chrage of these (He's way more computer saavy than me) but I know its gonna be a PITA just to get all the margins right, etc.
  • I ended up printing out table tent cards. What I did to alleviate the hassle was design it on pageplus & play with the margins there. Then I just cut out pieces of paper to be the same size as the tent cards to fiddle around with. I just ran it through the printer a few times to make sure margins & placement was right. Only took a few minutes. After that I just tailored each name accordingly. Finished 20 minutes later. No cardstock lost in the trial & error. :)
  • I'm using one type of paper for the tents, and another type for the actual printed part.  The plan is to cut and fold the tents, then figure out the spacing on a 8 1/2 x 11" piece of paper for the printed part, then just cut them after they're printed.  I hope it works out as well in actuality as it does in my head.
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  • I have tent cards...no way I will tape each one to a paper and hope it comes out right...someone would die in the process...I'm sending them to the printer. I I think it will cost me between $15 and $20 to print...money well spent to avoid stress at this point.
  • Ditto NY Harley. Let someone else have the headache :) I actually ended up handwriting each of mine but I'm not doing tents.. I'm doing mini envelopes. It took me about 20 mins. Can't complain! :)
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