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The invites for our wedding only come with one envelope, not the two I'm used to.  So I'm not sure how to let my single friends know they can bring a date to the wedding.  What I've seen before is the outer envelope addressed to the person and then the inner envelope usually says 'James Smith and Guest."  So how do I indicate this when I've only got one envelope to work with?  Also how do I get the name of these guests so it can go on the list with the dinner choices that I give to Mahan's? TIA!!

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    I would try to find out ahead of time who they are bringing so you can write it on the outer envelope. I had 2 people that I couldn't get names for so when I did the escort cards, I made 1 as Mr. John Smith and Mr. John Smith (Guest) I don't know if that was proper etiquette, but that's all I could do.
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    I've gotten them before that just say my name and Guest on the outer envelope. It serves its purpose if you don't know their guest's name.You don't necessarily need the name for Mahan's either. On the list for them you can just put Suzie Cue and Guest...Table 4...and check their meal choices if you can't find out the guest name ahead of time.
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    lalee said what i was going to. ive gotten ones that were addressed to me with guest on outer envelope. and mahans doesnt need it, but if it concerned you(like it did me) you could either have parents ask once guests respond back with an "and guest", but i would say most of our "and guest" people actually wrote in the persons name on the rsvp card when they sent it back.
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    Thanks so much! I think that's what I''m going to do.
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