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June 2010 Weddings


I used to play WOW all the time!! LOL FI played and i said if i cant beat him join him, then we got engaged and i would rather look at wedding stuff then play when i have a few minutes lol I had a Mage! =)


Re: ndzenowski

  • Hah, sorry I had to head out. my mom made cake for my bday tomorrow.   YES! The new expansion is so excitng .I hope it actually comes out next winter or summer like it's supposed to instead of blizz putting it off like EVERYTHING! Leveling is so much fun. although all this gear ive spent time getting will be useless. sad!
  • FI made me watch the video the other nite, made me wanna play again, but i just feel so far behind, and i think he took all my gold! LOL HAPPPYYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY

  • Ha, I wish my FI would stop playing for a hot second so i could steal all his gold. He has probably 4k gold. Mine goes down the drain from all the wiping in my raids!and thank you!!
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