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July 2010 Weddings

How many times..?

How many times have you put your dress on after you bought it? I'm so in love with mine!! The last time I took it out the zipper got stuck so tonight I took it out and fixed the zipper, but I couldn't just put it back! I had it on and my dad got to see it on me for the first time so that was nice. I have to say though.. it was hot!! I'm wearing it outside in July?! :)

Re: How many times..?

  • Haha 3 or 4..maybe 5 but who's counting right?! I just got my veil in the mail that I bought off of Bravobride.com and can not wait to put them on together..by the time the wedding gets here I'll probably have put it on about 2 dozen times =P
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  • You actually have your dress already????  So jealous!
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  • see this is one reason I'm glad I left my dress at the store, and one reason my mom insisted that I leave my dress at the store!  We have 2 dogs and 4 cats, so if I'd brought it home I'd definitely be trying it on all the time and by the time the wedding got here it would be covered in black pet hair or otherwise ruined.  though I wish I could put it on again once more before I go in to get it altered, just to get a picture in it though there will be plenty of those by the time this is all over lol.
  • My mom also insisted I leave mine at the store...I'd probably ruin it from putting it on so often and I'd end up doing something stupid like vacuuming the house while wearing it. I want to live in my wedding dress! Glad to hear you still love yours too!
  • I bought a sample sale dress so I got to take it home that day.. my grandmother offerred to keep it at her house and I said no way!! I love seeing it every morning when I'm picking my clothes :)
  • If I had my dress I would probably be trying it on constantly, haha. I think when it's finally ready I'm going to have my mom and dad hold onto it so I'm not constantly tempted.
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