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September 2009 Weddings

Weather forecasts are freaking me out

I know we've had multiple weather threads, but now I need someone to calm me down.  We've got a wet week ahead in Omaha and my ceremony (and all our photos) are outdoors!  And I'm such a geek that I checked FOUR weather sites: two local, two national.  Accuweather.com and one local have a lovely forecast, Weather.com and the other local one are calling for thunderstorms on 9/5.  Way to psych me out, seriously.  I know a forecast can change in an instant, I'm just starting to go into panic mode with 6 days left.Please cross your fingers for me that the rain stays away, I'll even take extra heat if it means we stay dry.  I'll send great weather vibes to all you other outdoor girls too.**Deep breaths**

Re: Weather forecasts are freaking me out

  • *good weather vibes!!**And personally I wouldn't worry about the weather too much. At least not until Wednesday. My weather for the 5th (SW PA) has gone from humid, 90 degrees and rainy to slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms, to perfectly lovely.It keeps getting better, but I'm waiting for a friggen' nor'easter or something! :)
  • Dont worry!! I'm sure it will be a beautiful day. Try not to let it stress you out.
    Kari & Jesse 09.26.09
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  • Weather is Weather.  unfortunately its the one thing about the day we cant control.  Just gotta be positive and dont let it ruin anything.
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