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September 2009 Weddings

TY's for B-party?

I just had my b-party this weekend (pics coming soon) and my girls went all out! They even bought me tons of cute lingerie as an extra surprise!I feel like I really need to get them something as a thank you since they did so much and paid for everything, including 2 hotel rooms.Did you get TY gifts or anything for your girls who took you out???I was also thinking I could just get them an extra BM gift too?WDYT??
Rachel's Nest

Audrey Pearl

Re: TY's for B-party?

  • I totally know how you feel!  I especially wanted to get something extra for my sister - she did so much.  I ended up getting her a Keurig coffeemaker (she LOVES her coffee!)  I already gave it to her so it was a special thing and I still have BM gifts for the RD.  I'd also like to take all the girls out to dinner (I wasn't originally planning on doing this.)  I'm not sure if I can squeeze it in with all of our schedules before the wedding, so it may have to be right after.  I think it will still have just as much meaning either way.
  • My b-party was this weekend too and I've been feeling the same way. It was so much fun and they gave me SO many awesome things!We were all planning to get our nails done the day before the wedding. I was planning on taking them out to lunch as an extra thank-you for the b-party and for all that they've done. I'm not sure if that's an option for you, but I thought it would work.
  • I think I would just give them an extra BM gift. This is going to sound scary, but we are all so close already you will be handing out the gifts really soon anyway.
  • for just a TY, I took a group picture of us and put it on a picture card with "thanks for the great memories and the great gifts!" so all the girls got that group picture of us.
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  • Hmm all good ideas! I think I might do the pictures of all of us idea...since I don't think I have time to do a dinner:)  
    Rachel's Nest

    Audrey Pearl
  • For just the guests of the bach party I sent thank you cards.  But for my bridesmaids who threw me the party, I got each of them a lolita wine glass.  They really liked them!
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