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Good/Bad/and Ugly (long)

So I made a good bad and ugly yesterday and it is gone now, that is why my would/wouldn't do is first. 

Anyways, we had the most amazing time on the St. Thomas, and wish we were back in the warm weather (It's freezing here).  I missed you ladies as well!

The Good:

Sunday- We arrived on the island and got taken to the hotel by a taxi.  When we got to the hotel we checked in and got settled for a bit in our room.  Then we headed down to the pool for some much needed relaxing time.  There were three awesome pools at our resort.  We were welcomed with some wine and cheese upon our arrival from our wedding coordinator. 

Monday and Tuesday- We just relaxed and went over some details with our wedding planner.  Mostly we stayed by the pools these two days.  We did go over to my parents villa for a few hours to have some drinks and food. 

Wednesday- The boys went fishing early morning and us girls decided to go shopping while they were gone (Boys hate shopping so we figured it was a perfect time to go).  Then we had our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner cruise.  The rehearsal dinner cruise was so awesome!  The fed us such good food.  Chicken, fruit, fish, shrimp, salads, and of course desert!  It was a great day for all! 

Thursday- Wedding day!  We got pampered early morning.  Our hairdresser and make- up artist came into our room, which was so nice that we didn't have to move somewhere else.  She was great and did a great job.  We got dressed, and ready for our first look.  It was amazing by the way!  I loved doing our first look.  We got married on the terrace, and headed down to our reception.  The food was delicious, and dancing was good.  We did our first dance and father/daughter.  It was an amazing day!  After it was all over with our wedding coordinator got an upgraded room that was an ocean view suite that we had ALL week after our wedding!  It was so awesome! 

The Bad:

-The cake vendor that we had make us cupcakes didn't place the cake on the stand correctly, and the cupcakes were below the cake.  Well, when it was time to cut the cake, it completely toppled over, and ruined almost all of the cupcakes!  No ate any after it happend. And a bunch of glass broke as well.  I decided not to be mad about it, and we just laughed about it.  I knew something had to go wrong, and it wasn't a big deal. 

-IL's called us everyday after our wedding, they wanted to hang out and do stuff with us everyday!!  Not cool.  We are on our honeymoon, duh, we don't want to hang out with our parents!!  We did give them one day though. 

-My sister threw up the whole way down to St. Thomas on the plane, she was miserable.  I felt so bad for her! 

- When we checked out of our room, we had a $218 laundry bill.  We had our wedding clothes steamed and they charged us that much.  Aparently there is no price difference in steaming and them to actually do our laundry.  All they did was hold a steamer up to our clothes and de-wrinkle them!  I was soo mad! 


I am happy to report that there were no uglies the entire time we were there!  We had a great time!
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Re: Good/Bad/and Ugly (long)

  • Glad everything worked out for the most part!  :)  And like we discussed with Natalie last night, the whole cupcake episode was not cool, however you took it like a trooper! 

    Glad you're back ~ and glad you're on the flip side with us!!
  • Glad that most things turned out good!!  I saw some of your pics on FB and you looked gorgeous~Congrats again.

    Sorry about the cake/cupcake Shelli said, not cool.  Oh and that laundry bill you got, we got the same (not as much) for steaming DH's shirt before the wedding...they got an earful from me!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed the first look! I plan on doing that too. And that is too bad about the cupcake fiasco. You'd think the cake lady would know better. Glad to hear that there weren't any uglies.
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    I'm so glad everything worked out and you had a great wedding!   I'm sorry about the cupcakes/cake issue.  But at least you're mature enough to not let it ruin your day!  You deserve nothing but happiness and good memories and it sounds like you got plenty of both!  *HUG*  Congrats again!

    And that's totally crazy about your post disappearing.  Perhaps our mod can look into what happened to it so nobody else's posts end up going poof for no reason.
  • Glad to hear that everything turned out so great and you had no uglies and only a few bads!!
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  • I'm glad to hear you had no uglies! Woohoo! I'm worried about the inlaw invasion after the wedding myself. Everyone else is only staying one week but my FIL's are staying 2, and so are we. How did you politely tell them you wanted alone time?

    PS- I posted about a week ago and my shoes and airline tickets and when I came back 20 minutes later it was gone so I had to re-post. I think it's a Knot glitch :(
  • It sounds like you had a great time! Very glad you didn't have any uglies.

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