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September 2009 Weddings

Vendor Seating?

I dont know where to put them. I only have 2 DJ's and a Photographer, but I dont want to sit them with my guests, but at the same time I dont want to have an extra table out for 3 people especially when we are out of room. What do you think I should do? What are you doing?

Re: Vendor Seating?

  • Ask your venue. My venue sets up a table outside the reception for them. However, it was written into my photography contract that they be served with the guests as to not miss an photo op - so, they'll be sitting at my parents table, because that was the only place we had room for them.
    [ Jill & Doug September 6, 2009 ][ The Lighthouse Diaries ]

  • I have 5 vendors that I had to seat. The 2 photographers and 1 videographer (same company) are sitting with some cousins in the back and the DJ and his assitant are sitting with some people from work close to the DJ's set up. I was surprised that I had to seat them with my guests - but its worked out... so far LOL! Good luck :)
  • Thanks Ladies, So should do an escort card for them as well? I didnt think of the whole photo o thing so that is a good point! Thanks for all the info girls!
  • HOLY CRAP!  I didn't even think to seat my videographer and photgraphers.  Fortunately we have one extra table "just in case" that we didn't seat anyone at, so I could seat them there.  And I printed blank escort cards just in case.  Phew.  Thanks for reminding me.
  • Our photographers and DJs will be "seated" in the cocktail room, which is right next to the main room where the reception will be.
  • I'll be doing placecards for the photographer and videographer, but not the DJ - (they'll be there before everyone else is, so they know where to go.)
  • I am doing escort cards for all 5 vendors.
  • I am SO leaving this up to the venue.
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