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September 2009 Weddings

Monday Checks? PIP edition

Ohh, I'm up early enough to do this and not driving for the first time since my bar! This week's checks: -2nd bach party (siggy pic from night 1) Night 2: [img]http://i32.tinypic.com/wmjhjp.jpg[/img] -2nd shower (family) Toasting Flutes: [img]http://i29.tinypic.com/907hqw.jpg[/img] -Finalized: Venue Caterer RD Officiant Party Rentals To Do: -DJ's Must Play/ Do Not Play lists -Florist to get arrangements for stage -Not strangle my mother who is trying to invite my third cousins because "we're under" -Call the 3 RSVPs we got yesterday and tell them we're sorry they actually can't come to the wedding because we've already given final numbers to our venue -TY Notes for shower (these are almost done) -Cake cutting set
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Re: Monday Checks? PIP edition

  • BOO! Tinypic, those pictures are NOT message board sized! Liar!
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    Stand up for something you believe in. White Knot
  • I'm STILL working on favors. Those stupid things are so irritating.I picked up a frame for the "fill out your own PC" explanationI listed out what needs to go to the ceremony and what need to go to the receptionFlowers are DONE. As in DONE done. Finally.
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  • Mary~ Thanks! I was just wondering about this because I have things to share with everyone, too! :) and P.S. I hate tinypic... it never works for me! My checks: ~I finally found a reasonably priced replacement officiant. My mom's uncle was going to marry us but he ended up having a work conflict so he wouldn't be able to attend our wedding at all. I thought it would be a major hiccup in our planning... BUT.... My FI handled it wonderfully! he took care of it completely, so now this Saturday, we're meeting with Rev. Jim to go over our ceremony and get to know him a little better. A HUUUUUGGGGEEE relief! ::::ahhhhh:::: :) ~I finished all the candy dishesand votive holders for the reception tables. ~Almost finished the card box. I just need to get more ribbon. ~Set up the appt to get our license (yay!!!) ~Packed up the odds and ends of wedding stuff around the house, labeled it and included "instructions" for the wedding coordinator. I feel good about everything... but still feel over-whelmed thinking I'm forgetting something... or will forget something.... This weeks to-do's: ~Get more ribbon to finish the card box, ~assemble favor boxes when they come in. ~order candy for favors and candy dishes. ~meet with Rev. to go over our ceremony. ~work on more place cards as more rsvp's come in (hopefully more come in this week!)
  • check, check, check! - finished OOT bags - seating chart - dance lessons - ironed my pashmina - bought and finished everything for sand ceremony - got final numbers to caterer - paid off flowers and cake - dress re-fitted this week: - meet with DJ - finalize room layou - dance lessons - B-party - touch bases with hair stylist - pick up dress
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  • No pictures for me.. My checks: ~Paid off all vendors, including the big one: our venue.~Had our final walk through at venue and dropped all our crap off~Just finished confirming all vendors and OOT block/guests for Saturday~Confirmed rehearsal dinner~Picked up my dress~Confirmed everything with BP To Do: ~Get nails done Friday~Go to Rehearsal and Dinner Friday~GET MARRIED SATURDAY!
  • - Finished our day of schedule- Finished our HM schedule & bought some last tickets to stuff- Confirmed with Rehearsal dinner venue- picked up final gifts for FI's sister who helped us out a lot
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  • Almost Done!I lost count of this week's checks, but here's all that's left to do:-Send script outline to emcee & DOC-Send detailed shot list to DOC & Photog-Print new Bar Signs-Finish painting guest book-Buy Beer & Signature Drink Mixers-Pack for wedding night-Deliver OOT bags to hotels on Weds-Pick up wedding dress on Weds-Give our guinea pig to the sitter on Thurs-Deliver reception items to venue-Get mani/pedi Friday-Attend rehearsal & dinner on Friday-Get married!!!
  • Last week:- ordered wedding bands from Blue Nile.  FI's engraved with "M&J 09.27.09 to FOREVER".  I couldn't engrave mine :(  - Set up final meetings with DOC and officiantThis week:- start printing on our dinner napkins- print out menus, programs, and misc signs- contact hotel about room block rates- order everything else we're missing: 1 kind of candy, flowers, sheet music, paper lanterns, cake cutting, champagne flutes
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  • No pics for me either. Last week we: Got our marriage license Wrapped all BP gifts Gave final head count to venue, also asked about flower girl petals (OK) and sparklers (OK too.) She basically told me we can do whatever we want as long as we don't damage the property. Bought decanter for wine ceremony Bought FI a wedding gift (cologne). This week: little stuff - tying bows on crap. Making "reserved" signs, etc. Finish memorial for FI's dad I think that's it.
  • This weekend went by WAY too fast...Checks:~ Have marriage license, will travel~ dress is all fitteded~ DJ's CDs for the day-of are made~ organized (almost) everything so that its not in 10 different places all over the house~ printed up vows and readings for the RD~ All BP gifts have been wrapped and are boxed up for the RD~ dropped hoodie off to be embroidered~ purchased OOT bag bags and vases for the bouquets~ dance lessons were a success!To Do this week:~ stuff OOT bags~ final color/cut before the wedding~ final photog appointment~ final florist appointment~ my mother wants me to go over at some point and make sure everything at her house is boxed up
  • No PIPs, but all the corresponding photos are in my blog (yes, I am lazy today- I spent 3 hours at the RMV)Done:-groom's cake baked, now soaking in brandy-favors/placecards done-menus done-table number cards done-programs done-ribbons tied on 144 bubbles-positioning of all aspects of ceremony and receiving line done-about 75% of ceremony/reception items are at the wedding site-garter done-OOT guest hotel bags nearly done- one item left-garden is ready-house is clean-finally got my MA license, and a local bank accountTonight must:-email added must-take photos to photog-call DJ with the rest of the must-play songs-bake cookies for OOT guest bags-finish knitting FI's cold feet socks-write out and email detailed list of rehearsal and wedding day schedules-write TYs to attendants and parents for all they've done-finish shower TYs (7 left)Later this week must:-finish veil-organize family wedding dress/photo display (for people to see during cocktail hour)-help mom and helpers make centerpieces (day before) and bouquets (morning of)-be there when the rentals arrive Thursday afternoon and oversee set-up-manicure Friday-sleep enough and take vitamins-pack for HM
  • Checks:-FI's B-party-Booked all shore excursions for the cruise-Finalized all things DJ, Flowers, Cake, Reception, Ceremony, attire-Sent RD invites-Final dress fitting-Hair trial (finally!!)-Wrote names on place cardsThis week:-My B-party-My ring re-sized (yes, again .. still too big!!) and soddered-Give final numbers to Buca's for RD-Mail ribbon to cake place-Break in the wedding shoes-NWR: finally seal the deck since IN has decided to rain every other day this summer!! sheesh!-NWR: enjoy my three day weekend!!! =)
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