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June 2010 Weddings

sry 4 the miss-understanding

Hey sry for the confusion, yes i'm 17 but I'm not getting married till i turn 18 , no worries about school cuz i'm already on some college courses and no I'm not prego i'm just in love and my Fi wanted to move the wedding to june , we 've been engaged for 2 years and we decided after i turnned 18 that we'ed take the next step ,,, which is marriage so dont get confused plzz , young love is just as beautiful as anyother love so dont judge cuz of my age ... thanx : ) 

Re: sry 4 the miss-understanding

  • On the June 2010 board, we write using our big girl words.You said in your previous post that you moved the date up due to money issues , yet here it is because you are "in love".  You have been engaged since you were 15.  Seriously?  Good luck with that.
  • I would've punched myself in the face if I married the guy I "loved" at 17. And so would my mother. Good luck!
  • I did marry the guy I was in love with at 17....of course we waited until we were in our early 20's.....but I'm divorced from him now, so good luck with that!
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  • I see this from 2 sides. 1st my parents are proof it works. They are each others one and only. They were engaged when she was a Junior, married the October after she graduated, and had me a year later. So yes, to all the skeptics it is possible. At least it was 26 years ago & they are still going strong. 2nd. We live in a much different world now than my parents did in the 80's. I do think its still possible to find love that young, but I think its wrong to rush it because most of the time its puppy love and not true love. Love on its own it viewed totally differently than it was even a decade ago, the word comes out of peoples mouths far too easily, and with little to no meaning usually. Crap changes when you take a relationship from High School to the real world. I think what my parents have is rare. Very rare. I also would have shot myself by now if I had married my high school sweetheart. My gut is telling me you're some sort of a troll. Im sorry if its not true. Why not try telling us more about you & your FI & the wedding you're planning.
  • You were engaged at 15??  I don't think I was allowed to be out of the house with a boy past ten pm when I was 15, let alone engaged.  If you are real, I wish you lots of good luck; you are going to need it bc people will judge you for being so so young.  If you are not real I thank you for the entertainment you are providing on my bad day at work.
  • I'm sorry for the way you all feel , but ok.. we didnt say I Love You untill 5 months into the relationship,  yes ive been engaged sence i was 15 but we went out for  a year before he asked, lol on my 15th b-day he said he feels in his heart hes found the one ,the one he wants to be with through the bad and the good ,he asked i front of every one  and i was 15 you can amagine* my thoughts, like is he crazy : ) but no he just loved me ,but as for the wedding we both wanted an outdoor wedding with Aqua ,  baby lime green ,and Ivory i thought i was beautiful when he said it , Its going to be in my parents front yard cause i always wanted to get married there : ) I really hope you all can understand i have an old mind set to things my mother always said that i was an old person trapped in a young body and i think differently... and i'm more understanding about thing around me ... i cant change your mind i dont want to but i wouldnt mind if you could just treat me equal .. cause i do have feels too.. 
  • What's with the bolding of numbers and certain words? You can take the time to do that, but not spell words out? Engaged at 15??? I didn't let my daughters get a second ear piercing until they were 16! And no other body piercings and/or tatoos until they were 18! I can't think of one good decision ever made by a 15 year old. I smell a troll.
  • i get the whole "old person trapped in a young person's body" because my FI is like that. but he's 22 going on 35 and he's been through his fair share of life experiences to know what he wants from life. what's your plan for the future? college? plans to support yourselves?
  • LMAO! Definitely a troll! Well as long as you waited 5 WHOLE months before you said I love you and you waited a WHOLE year before he proposed, then that's okay. And it's spelled *IMAGINE* and you have *FEELINGS* too.PS- Please stop reading Twilight to justify your 17 year old marriage. I really hope you all can understand i have an old mind set to things my mother always said that i was an old person trapped in a young body and i think differently
  • I can't even begin to take you seriously.  Would it kill you to capitalize and use correct punctuation?  Your use of commas and ellipses doesn't change the fact that you write in giant run on sentences.
  • Your spelling and punctuation makes me cringe.  Maybe you should spend more time concentrating on high school and/ or college than with your FI and planning a wedding.  
  • Does anyone else feel like they are reading Lolcats too??
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  • He's 18 , and my mothers always told me why listen to some who puts you down with there insecurities, I'm very happy , and whole so you have your opinions and i have mine thanks and i'm leaving to talk to someone that dosent judge or analyze the subject , because you cant change mind i'm a person , but for the life learning lessons you've been through dont say or think for a second that i not  have been through crap or know what the real world is like , and to let you know I'm taking nursing classes at a tech school cause i want to work in a  high-end daycare and someday i would like to own one but i 'm working to that step slowly.. my Fi is taking welding classes at the tech also because he's wanting to work in a car shop and also own it with his best friend john but they've already got there plan on paper and working to a grant, I work at a store called roses and he is working at Dollar store in the mean time.... 
  • Hello,#1. Yes, please use proper grammar and punctuation.  It is difficult to take anyone seriously (regardless of age) when he or she does not know how to write properly.  Thanks.#2. Whether or not you decide to go through with this or not, please at least take into consideration that most of us are at least 6 years older than you.  Meaning we've been through high school and probably college.  That's a lot more life experience than it seems.  Plus, we don't know you, so this is completely unbiased advice (meaning we don't really care what you do in the end.) So it's a really good idea to listen to what we have to say.#3. There is nothing wrong with just dating for years and years.  Why is it such a rush to be married?  You and "FI" can be together through all milestones just as well as if you're married (minus the financial ties that tend to bring down even the most mature and "ready couples).  You think you know him, but I find out something new about FI every day (good and bad) and it's taken me 6 years to get this far.  #4.  Please, please please pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee make sure you're using some form of birth control whether or not you're married.  If you go through with the marriage, it's REALLY important that you wait to have children until you are financially and emotionally ready as a couple.  #5.  Totally unbiased advice: please wait.  Honestly.
  • but for the life learning lessons you've been through dont say or think for a second that i not have been through crap or know what the real world is likeReally? So you've lived on your own, supported yourself, paid bills? No? Then you don't know what the real world is like.
  • You think a year together at age 14/15 is enough time to become engaged? I've found that the people who claim they are 'mature' or have 'old minds' tend to not be.
  • I agree, Diedre. February, please do not feel like you are being judged.
  • don't put words in my mouth. i never said you never had life experiences; i merely stated that my FI had. i myself think that we are still on the young side for marriage since we were basically married, living together and self sufficient at 20. but since you brought it up, yes, i do think you haven't been through enough life.
  • Expect a DD. She already deleted her other post about moving the wedding date up.
  • Oh man. I feel so sorry for this girl. I don't know about anyone else, but the person I am now is so much different from the person I was at 17. Like two different people really. This is really not a good idea. As far as the parents meeting when they were that age and still together thing: that's for sure the exception, not the rule.Also, February 1308, a nursing degree will not get you into a daycare. If it does, it sure will not be a 'high quality' one. I teach preschool and have a degree in Elementary Education and a teaching license. This will also not guarantee a good job either. I love my work, but I get paid crap. That's really not uncommon for this line of work. If you want to be a director one day, its going to take more than your nursing degree. I am currently trying to do this, and its not easy.Please don't get angry. You posted on the boards for all of us to see. My FI and I have been together for almost 4 years, and we really planned out when the right time would be. I know nothing is going to change your mind, but I would really like you to listen to us. 
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  • My opinion is old news now, it is the same sentiments you have already heard.I've been planning my wedding (read WEDDING, not marriage) since I was 8 and I thought I too would marry everyone I ever dated.  Thank God I did not.Yes, you will go thru several life changes and yes, they all occur at the same ages.  A lot of my friends got married in college (18-20) and were divorced with children by 24.  Then they all got married around 27 and found out what went wrong the first time ... they didn't really know what they wanted and who they were.  Now the last of us are getting married at 30 and we all have to agree, that is the best possible thing we could've done. (for us, I know time is different for everyone).  I know, I will never be happy staying at home and children are probably a no-go.  5 years ago, my biological clock was doing some serious ticking.I know in this day and age, it could work.  My brother got married at 21 and his wife, a week after she turned 18. SHOTGUN WEDDING, pure and simple. They knew each other 4 months! But they seem to be happy so GL if you a real person and not a troll like I suspect.
  • I completely agree with everyone else.  You should wait, what is the rush?  My FI and I started dating when he was 15 and I was 16 however 12 years later we just got engaged.  There is no rush and a lot to learn about each other along the way and yourself for that matter.I also agree that we are the exception and not the norm by any means.  Just because you are in love doesn't mean you need to get married, marriage is a lot more than that.  It is a lifelong commitment.  Where are you from if I may ask (if not already stated).Also, I agree with schumakr as I worked in early childhood in a very high class daycare and let me tell you a nursing degree is not going to get you in there, you def get paid crap and to become a director there is a lot to go into that, most likely a Masters Degree.  GL
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  • Beth-It says in her profile she's from Kentucky...hmmm
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  • I know everyone already posted to this (damm early east-coasters and people who like to get up before 10!!!), but I have to respond anyway..First of all, you got engaged before you could even drive yourself on your own dates!!!! Think about that. Were not responsible and mature enough even to drive yet, says the law, but decide you are ready to make a decision about marriage? Riiiiiight.Ditttttto to almost all the other posts! Board Mom, you crack me up! Other girls, welllll said, woot!As we (and other boards) have told other young couples, the real question is: Why rush into it?What would it matter if you wait another year or 2 or 3. If you are truly meant to be together, you will STILL be together at that time. But as all the other girls have reiterated, we change a *LOT* from 18-21/22. Me, like numerous others have said, I thought I was going to marry my college sweetheart. College ended, and soon after, we went our separate ways. My mother had been pushing for us to marry!! If we HAD, we'd be divorced now. Thank God I didn't listen to her!Please don't be so bull-headed as not to listen (or just read through) the opinions and advice of those older and more experienced than you. There are quite a few women on this board who have been previously married, some at a young age like you. LEARN from them. Don't disregard their advice just because it is not agreeable to you. If you *ARE* actually more mature, you would recognize this. And as others have said, I do think you'd benefit from having more 'life experience' before jumping into something as serious as marriage. Going through parent divorces, deaths in the family, high school drama *are* life experiences, but there is so much more than that which would help you BEFORE you decide to marry. Being independent, responsible, supporting yourself, working on a career or life plan, paying bills, finding an apartment (without the help of a message board!!!!), having your own space/place, living with a roommate (great life experience, honest-to-god!), budgeting, managing money, dealing with car repairs on your own, etc, etc.. this are just a few of the things you will miss out on learning. Just my opinion, but I'm being harsh or cruel to you. Just giving my "life experience" honest answer. **siiiiide note: Punctuation is a beautiful thing! Spelling is a beautiful thing! Sentence structure is a beautiful thing! Feel FREE to read over your posts BEFORE you hit "post now". PLEASE!**
  • Chefy:  Right about the time she typed "i has feels too", I thought I had mistakenly gone to Lolocats.I was an English major at the start of college... so this post makes me want to TP someone... or win the lottery and donate money to her school.
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  • Kniblet, I love your lottery quote! I am a high school English teacher and Februrary's posts make me want to cry. I just spent 90 minutes with 20 10th graders trying to get them to write a coherent 5-paragraph essay. Sometimes, I think I need a raise....
  • Oh I love you knibby.  You just made me giggle. 
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  • Darn! I just misspelled "February". Forget about that raise...
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