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September 2009 Weddings

9/19ers To Dos

So with only 19 more days I'm really starting to stress about what I have left.  That and I'm thinking I'm forgetting some major piece!  This is what I'm working on/have left to do:Finishing up favorsGetting final payments to vendorsCommunicating with Florist about final detailsSeating Chart (mostly done, waiting for a few RSVPs)Printing PlacecardsGetting head count to venueGo over ceremony music with organistFinal gown fitting on SatOther than that it's just the small details and coordinating with all my girls for the day-of schedule.  I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on everything, yet I'm still stressing - I guess that's to be expected, though!Where are you ladies at with everything?

Re: 9/19ers To Dos

  • I'm not a 9/19er but have you been using the Knot checklists? They are annoyingly detailed.
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  • 9/19 bride...................... Stressed to the max! Minister for the church will not call me back to schedule a meeting for the rundown of the ceremony.  I can't do programs or finalize music with the trio hired for the ceremony until we talk.  The music director for the church left and music had to be approved 30 days prior. Well............not sure who to contact.  The wedding coordinator for the church went on vacation until the week before the wedding.  So.............not sure who to contact.  AACK!!  We are about ready to escalate to the head minister.  We have been trying to meet with this minister for over a month and he sends me emails saying he knows I am stressed, let's meet this week but then won't contact me when I respond to that.  Favors:  We put them together last night and came up 60 short...which means we need to put out another $100 or more dollars to get the candy for the other boxes. RSVP-still waiting for 25% to RSVP-frustrating Need to do walk through for the reception venue Need to give final counts for cake and reception Need to finalize timelines Need to get bra and hosiery List goes on and on.......will take deep breath and move forward.        
  • I'm a 9/18er... I just have to confirm deliveries, etc. the week of the wedding. The last thing I really have to do is print programs and we're getting our marriage license this Friday.
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  • I've got a few more dress fittings (custom dress so I go see her alot!)Printing ProgramsPick up candy for candy buffetMemorial Candles/Photo DisplayAssemble and wrap bridal presents and write notesSeating Find containers for bathroom basketsFinal PaymentsShop and pack for honeymoon!!!!Definitely the most excited about the last one at this point :) I haven't been too stressed but I've been sick the past 3 days which has really slowed my roll, so I'll probably be freaking out tomorrow
  • Get vows to officiantCall late RSVPersMake/Print place cardsFinish programsCollect materials for ceremonySchedule eyebrows, mani/pediFinalize decor for aisle/cake table/etc with DOCHead count to venuePayments (we're done except paying with head count and day of)Buy things to take on honeymoon (underwater camera for snorkeling, etc.)
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  • 9/19er here and here's my To Do list ( The Knot's checklist did help alot too) Make my card box Final decision to all vendors Final payment to all vendors Following up with the minister on his arrival time and him to review our vowsPaint Runner Finalize hair appointment and her arrival time Finalize makeup girl's arrival time Print RSVP list Create BP gift bagsPrint RSVP Listing for seatingAdd music to slideshowPick up my engagement ring from the JewelerPack for the honeymoonI'm going to need prayer and lots of help to get through this! :-)
  • I don't have m uch left, but I'm getting stressed anyways- Deal with an issue with the church- Programs- Placecards- Pay DJ and Bakery- Meet with DOC (tonight)- Go over music details with DJ- Send Must Take Picture list to photog- Finish up BM gifts- Final gown fitting- 2/6 BMs still  need to pick up their dresses and see if they need alterations- Buy ties for GMs- RD Invitations
  • Oh, and marriage license, but FI said he'd get that tomorrow
  • Just doing what TheKnot's checklist is telling me to do. Final pre-wedding haircut tomorrow meeting with photog Thursday Meeting with florist Friday Escort cards have been ordered and should be on my doorstep any day now OOT bags are the next priority.  Bought everything last night, going to put it all together within the next week or so. Have to order photos for card box, FI's gift, etc. gotta sit down with FMIL and get her portion of the seating finished. And thats all I want to think about doing this week....
  • OMG i am so worried about forgetting stuff! i am making list daily
  • I'm pretty much done with everything... - TY gift for my DOC - finish room layout - pick up dress - meet wit DJ
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  • 9/19 here! Stressing on what still needs to be done! Finishing up favors Meeting with Pastor to finalize ceremony Final payments to Dj, Photos, and flowers Will have final head count in by end of week. :D Finish printing programs Hair trial September 13th and cant wait Still waiting on day of Timeline from coordinator Attend Bachlorette/Bachlor parties 9/17 yay! Plus the last ittty bitty details.
  • GULP! I have to: Schedule appt for facial this weekend; Schedule Mani/pedi/waxing for Wed/Thurs beforeBuy bathroom basket stuffWrap BM giftsMeet with Father for final ceremony reviewPrint programsFinish printing menu cards (today)Buy Memorial CandleBuy pew bowsCall Florist I have a GC for to see if they can do a church arrangementFinal payment to DJ & Reception site 
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