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December 2009 Weddings

hotel - wedding night?

Just wondering....Are you staying in the same hotel as your friends and family? 

Re: hotel - wedding night?

  • We're not, no.  Not that I think that they would, but I didn't want a bunch of people milling around my room the morning of.  Our reception isn't in a hotel, so we'd have to travel to a hotel anyway, so we thought we'd get a seperate one.
  • We are but only because the hotel gave us a great rate and an upgraded room for booking a block of rooms. We did request to be roomed away from the other guests booked under the block. I think our friends and family will be respectful of our newlywed status plus we leave pretty early in the morning and most the those staying in the hotel are planning on going to an after party downtown...I suspect many will be sleeping in :)

  • we are not. We are traveling a bit further to stay somewhere really nice.
  • We're staying in the same hotel as our guests. It's the closest to the venue and that's were the after party will be if we have one.
  • Our venue is actually AT the Hyatt, so all family and friends could stay there (it's essentially a destination wedding- we're getting married in Newport, Rhode Island but we live in MA, and my fam lives in Chicago and in Europe).  So, we wanted to stay at the same hotel too...plus our room is free, and it overlooks the Newport Harbor and Bridge so you can't beat that! 
  • Are wedding is until 1am but we will be going to our house...we leave the next morning for our honeymoon and we want to be home with our puppy before we leave :)  Plus it's "Our" house and I can't wait to walk into it as husband and wife!!!
  • We're staying at the same hotel since our room will be free.I'm not really worried about the other guests being too noisy because we'll be on the 4th floor and everyone else that's still awake will be at the bar downstairs!
  • Our reception is at a hotel and we will be staying there with everyone else.  We were just there over the weekend for our food tasting and checked out the suites since we get one for free.  Our event planner assured us that we would be on a seperate floor from the rest of our guests and that keys would ONLY be given to us unless we designate someone to check in for us.
  • We are also staying in the same hotel.....mainly because the room on the "club level" of the hotel was included in the wedding package (its not quite a suite, but a newly renovated room, which actually is nicer than the suite albiet smaller).  I'm halfway wishing we could have headed off somewhere on our own, but oh well....it isn't that big of a deal :)  Not like other people are staying in the same room!
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