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Pre-nup Poll!!


Re: Pre-nup Poll!!

  • I'm with Riva. Money is just money. No prenup for us. I'd be more concerned with other things, I think. Like who'll get custody of our cats. (o_O) I want to show that I'm all into this marriage... heart, soul, and money.... A prenup just seems to me like going in with doubts. JMO though.
  • We will not be signing a prenup. It has nothing to do with money, but more to do with the knowledge that this will be the only marriage for either of us. We will never consider divorce because it will never be an option.
  • OK, Let me answer my own poll now..No prenup for us. We're quite poor, but happy. :) Both our families are poor (but mostly happy), so no inheritance coming to either of us that we know of.That being said, I'm not against prenups. They *are* to protect yourself and future kids, and that's not a bad thing. In AZ law, any debt acquired BEFORE the marriage the partner is NOT responsible for (i.e. I bought my car, we get married, I die, he doesn't have to pay on the car and his credit can't get ruined by it; also, school loans). I mentioned that to him, and he freaked out! LOL He pretty much made it clear that if we both change and can't stay together for whatever reason, he could care less about *anything* monetary, house, truck, whatever. We both acknowledged it can happen, we're *realistic*, but we also acknowledge we communicate more than most couples and work through whatever's going on, and both promised to try to uphold that throughout our relationship. The fact is... a few years from now, there will probably be at least a few people from this board that are split up or going through a divorce or already divorced. Sad, but the truth.
  • FI wants to sign a pre-nup to protect me.  He is coming into the marriage with some debt, but I have a house and retirement fund.  FI is worried that if something ever happened to him then I would be held responsible for his debt, and he doesn't want that.  I don't know if that would legally happen, but it would make him feel a lot better to sign a pre-nup, so that's what we'll do.
  • no prenup here...I probably wouldn't sign one anyway nor would FI.  FI and I both have money wrapped up in different places but we both feel that it is unnecessary to sign one.
  • mlh0968If you're FI is worried about that, definitely look into the marriage laws in the state your license will be in (if you haven't already). I assumed "I have to take his debt" and vice versa, but it depends solely on state laws. With assets AND debt in our state, it's only what is acquired AFTER marriage. So check it out before you both worry! :)
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