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September 2009 Weddings


Since I saw jae's post...I felt it was time that I put something together...so it is very rough...but I a bio together...(and I was even able to put the link in my sig...progress)!

Re: Bio...

  • where are your bm dresses from?
  • B2 by Jasmine...took forever to come in, and I think that was the shop, but I love them, and more importantly they do!  We really wanted to order from David's just because of logistics (one in NH, one in NY, and one in FL) but they did not have the color we wanted in any of the styles.
  • Really cute! I like that the BM dresses are all different shades of blue:) I like your centerpiece-wreath idea! I've never seen it done before....I bet it's really pretty on the tables!
    Rachel's Nest

    Audrey Pearl
  • one of my co-workers sil is getting married at a beach wedding and she is looking for something short that is light and flowy. her colors are navy blue and kelly green. so i was thinking that might be what she was looking for.
  • Steeser, the dress is awesome, real flowy, which is wha twe wanted...the only problem was the lining. It is cut straight so in one case we had to make a slit (on the seam), and in the other case, she had to have panels added.I really wanted all pale blue, and maybe choclate, but that combo didn't look good in this dress. It worked whe nwe were looking at W&W satin, but they thougth that was too heavy for FL in Sept.Finding a color and style for a 13, 23 and 34 year old was the hardest thing so far about the wedding.
  • oh yea that would be tough. her problem is that she will have one bm who will have just had a baby and one who could potentially be pregnant (theyre trying now and the wedding is 10 months away, so who knows). so she wants something that isnt too tight or too heavy for a beach wedding. it comes in a lot of colors, but i think sometimes chiffon's only look good in certain shades. i really like them though and i think it was a good choice for your bp!
  • Risa.. we have the same dress! It looks fab on you :)
  • OMG Kelly, it looks more awesome on you...and you are wearing the veil my mother wanted me to get...but it looked to something for me...I am cough cough years old...Are you wearing it with or without the sash? I am not back to with and bought a beautiful starfish pin (our wedding is in FL) to wear with it. THe only difference is the bustle. I am doing a low, French under bustle.
  • I am wearing the sash.. when I first tried it on it was not with the dress and I had no idea it came with it but then when I got the dress it was there, so I tried it and I think it completes the dress.I'd like to see your bustle, the seamstress didnt show me anyother ones, so I have no idea how it would look.Are you having problems with the neckline? I am having a had time deciding how tight to make the halter... either its too loose and makes my boobs saggy or its tighter and I am afraid that at the end of the night it will be straining my neck....
  • Kelly, I took the pins out of my bustle (doing my own alterations) last week when I had pics taken. I have to re-pin it and sew it (and should be doing that tonight instead of goofing off) and I will send you pics in a couple of days. I took about an inch and a half out of the neck on the halter and with the sort of longline strapless, it fits just right. The problem now is that the bra and dress separate and you can see right down my cleavage between the two. So, I put a large snap (this is something we used to do when I was a costume designer) to hold the two together, and that works really well, I am just concerned that the dress "indents" now between my boobs, so I may need to move the snap up or just sew the bra to the dress, which is my last option as it is difficult to get in and out of then. So my point was...there is no stress on the neck this way beacuse the bra holds everything up pretty much. Are you wearing a bra under yours?
  • I am not wearing a bra... just had cups added. I am going to try to add a couple hook & eyes to tighten it up and leave the original snaps and hooks there so I can loosen it if I need to.. trying it out tomorrow - so we'll see how that goes!BTW I reported this post by accident!! Sorry!!!
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