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August 2010 Weddings

Bridal Expo~ who to take?

My town is having a Bridal Expo in a couple of weeks.  I definately want to go.  This will be my first one since I have started planning.  Should I go with FI?  or MOH and BM's ?   Have you girls been to an Expo? how overwhelming is it really?  and who went with you?

Re: Bridal Expo~ who to take?

  • FI and I went to one. I hated it because we were totally ignored by vendors. I would ask them a direct question and they would just look at me and smile. Finally one asked if I was a BM or MOH and I said no, I'm the bride. She thought we were still in High school. I know I look young but I'm still a potential customer. Sry that doesnt help you at all. But i would bring FI if he is willing to go, since it is his wedding too and they do have some good ideas and sometimes they give out discounts for tux rentals if the groom is there. IF FI doesn't want to go I'd bring MOH or your mom. HTH
  • They can be overwhelming simply b/c they are SO crowded -- brides take their entire families sometimes. I'd just select one person to go with you - whether it is your FI or BM. Oh another annoying thing people brought their moms & the moms would bombard vendors with all these ?s & the brides couldn't get a word in edge wise. Another tip is to bring a print out sheet of stickers with your name/address to give to vendors you are interested in (they usually ask u to write down ur name, address, & e-mail so they can send you more info).
  • I've been to 3 bridal shows. They were so much fun. Free food and drinks..it was great! I went to one with FI and he was totally bored. I went to one with a friend and my mom, and we had so much fun. I def. recommended going with a fellow bride to be or girlfriend. Have fun and go in and get as many business cards as you can :)

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  • I took two best friends and worked wonderful for me. I didn't want to take FI because I knew he would hate it. And I didn't want to take my mom because she is no help when it comes to wedding things and makes me mad. So I took the two people that I knew would understand. We took a big bag and stuffed all the flyers I got in the bag and then went to lunch and talked about who we licked and all that.
  • my FI refuses to go! the first one i went to with my mom i was completely unprepared and overwhelmed and just wanted to leave. it felt like a car dealership in the wedding industry. i went to another one today with my mom, and more of a gameplan, and had a MUCH better experience. i knew more of my budget and what i was looking for. now i have some great leads on which vendors to interview, etc. and now all of a sudden FI is more interested too!! so i just think it depends on how ready YOU are to dive into the planning. also, i pre-registered for this one (bride world expo) and they made the labels for me and had them ready for free when i got there!
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  • I would never drag FI to one of those! Definitely make labels and also create an e-mail just for wedding stuff. I have one and get a ton of e-mails a day from signing up at all the different vendors. Go with an idea in mind. What vendors do you have to see? Alot of DJs offer great deals at these shows, but you have to be careful and ask lots of questions. You'll spend all day there if you want to go to each vendor, but if you know who you want to visit, you can be in and out in under an hour.
  • Thanks for the tips (I would have never thought about the labels!).  FI says that he wants to go.  Even after i explained that it would be an all day event and that i didn't want to be rushed.  So I think I will take him. I know there will be more expos in the coming months so if he is a drag at this one then I will take my girls to the next one. 
  • I went to one before we had a date yet. Vendors had a hard time with us because they go to sign up clients, so they wanna get a date and a client all in one.   We went to try to hash out a budget.  I gathered a lot of flyers and sorted them after we got back home.I just wanted to see what was out there.  FI went with me because it's his wedding too.  He knew he would be bored, but he put on a good face and muddled his way through.Take the address labels, and your wedding book with colors and other important things.  I didnt have much at the time, but I had some pictures I printed out so I could explain to people what kinda look we wanted.We didnt get any vendors on that day, but after we set a date, we ended up using a wedding planner we met there.  If you are able to sign up for vendors at the show, they often have good discounts.  Oh we got FI's tuxes on discount from Men's Wearhouse from the show.
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