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July 2010 Weddings

Are you girls interested in....?

A question of the day about our FI's or our lives tog, stuff like that. I know Val was doing the topic of the day but I feel like it's a little different. I know how much this board loves polls so I think both would be fun! Also can everyone check the FB group! TY!

Re: Are you girls interested in....?

  • *dumb question* What's the Facebook group?
  • I don't know what the FB group is either; but I like questions!
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  • If you girls have FB, then do a searh for "The Lovely Girls of July 2010". I like the idea of daily questions. I know on my local board we do a couple of weekly questions- like "Whine and Bite Wednesday" "Confessions Friday" etc.
  • Yeah my local board does a different one each day. I don't like the "flame free Friday" I think sometimes the girls say things about other knotties that are rude mean and thoughtless. Then they say its just a message board why are you taking it personally? Why do you make personal attacks on people and not expect them to take it personally?I think it would be fun to do a daily poll!
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  • I think we tried the Flame Free Friday once, and it didnt go so well. Some of the girls on my local can be mean.... But I am glad it didnt work!!
  • I'd have no problem with a funny "confessions" topic but flame fests are kind of dumb imo. I can't even think of anyone on here to flame, haha.
  • I found July 2010 Knotties. Is that the same group on fb? oh, and I vote yes for the polls!
  • yes i'm up for the question of the day =)
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  • I like the question of the day idea!
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  • I like the question of the day idea :)
  •  K cool I was bored on here last night after FI fixed my computer (thank goodness!) and I came up with a bunch. I'll try and post morn or mid afternoon. If I don't post by 2:00 someone can def post one for me!
  • Ok... heres another question. Well two questions actually. How do you page someone and who is Val. (I see someone said to page Val so you can find the FB page)
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