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July 2010 Weddings

Update on dress shopping!

Well ladies I went dress shopping with 8 ppl plus myself...successfully!  It was a bit overwhelming at times but it was overall a really fun time.  I did feel bad cause at times I felt like the workers were getting a bit irritated by all the comotion but it was fine.  After shopping for months I've finally decided on my dress (which ironically is the one I picked out online originally).  There is just something special about this dress I can't explain it but it's just ME!  And I found out I can order it off of Pearl's Place online and save $300 off what the dress shops want for it.  So anyways the dress shop I tried it on at wouldn't let me take pictures but here's the link to the designer pic...I'll post pics when my actual dress comes in.http://www.morilee.com/DressDetail.aspx?C=12&D=4503&P=1And then we have pretty much picked out the bridesmaid dress here's the link to it:http://www.morilee.com/DressDetail.aspx?C=10&D=783&P=1Except we would remove the sparkly things on the side.sorry for the long post...just really excited!
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Re: Update on dress shopping!

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