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July 2010 Weddings


Hi ladies, Where are you guys storing actual wedding day stuff until the wedding (ie, card box, flutes, baskets, etc). We have NO storage at our place and my mom and FMIL are storing our gifts for us but I'd feel bad asking mom if I can leave a few boxes of wedding stuff at her place too! I may have to, though. How are you girls handling it? And how far in advance are you willing/able to do projects?
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Re: storage...?

  • I have a huge attic where my laundry room is and I'm storing everything there for now. As far as projects go, I havent done anything yet because I'm still deciding what I want to do. Some things I will  be waiting until about 3 months before (like the momogrammed aisle runner). Others I will do as I make decisions as to what I want!
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    haha! I have what i call the "wedding wall"... and its growing! We currently live in a studio so anything I get for the wedding I try to fit in a box or big bag I have and put it against the wall. When we get the house, it will go in the second bedroom.
  • haha, I'm storing wedding stuff in my room at home, like pp....my mom would kill me if i started to clutter the house with boxes of wedding! lol...so I'm just keeping as much of it in my room as I can fit and keep looking somewhat neat, and then I might store some stuff in our guestroom, since no one ever sleeps there anyway...
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  • Thankfully, everything is being stored at my parents house.  I am trying to do projects as soon as possible.
  • We have a 5th bedroom down in the basement that we have turned into an office.  Except it doesn't really get used as an office, just a place to store important papers and bills.  It has a built in shelving and cabinet unit along one wall and that has been designated as the wedding wall.
  • I am already renting a storage unit for a bunch of furniiture I will be using in a future home - I've just been sticking everything in there.
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