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August 2009 Weddings


Has anyone gone over to the September 2009 board to offer their thoughts and words of wisdom? I may have a thing or two to say, but I don't want to overdo it and repeat what's already been said.raynes had the great idea of doing a poll and putting it all together in a single post for them.
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Re: So...

  • Well, I'll admit that I also didn't read all of the 7-09ers' advice which is why I asked this question, but wow, I can't believe people would actually b*tch about it. OK so I guess I'm not gonna bother telling them that their videographers may slow down their day more than they anticipated. :)
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    Baby #2: Surprise BFP 9.19.12, EDD 5.24.13, natural m/c 10.19.13 at 9w
  • Yeah, I didn't read the 07 advice either, but seriously, the complaining was pretty lame.
  • Yah, seriously. Nice to know that kindness is no longer appreciated in today's world. 
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    Baby #2: Surprise BFP 9.19.12, EDD 5.24.13, natural m/c 10.19.13 at 9w
  • oh yeah, you guys totally missed out on that. it was fun! some of the girls over there actually DID appreciate our advice though. in fact, I think Unem decided to take advice on Mondays to give to them, as to not inconvenience them with a MILLION threads.
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  • I left advice, then the next day they all came over complaining about all the posts (um, 3? I counted) and asked that we compile it into one post so it doesn't overcrowed their board. While it's not a bad idea, their reason for it was lame. They said our posts stressed them out? Ok, I didn't read the 7/09 posts but I didn't care that they were there. Oh well, it was fun going back and forth for the day.
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  • I totally missed this last week but went back and read the post on it. Wow I must say I am glad to be an August 09 Knottie!
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  • Wow.... I posted something at the beginning of last week, no one commented on it, but I didn't know all of this was going on! haha
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