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July 2010 Weddings

chair covers

Whats your take on chair covers/sashes? Do you think they are pretty or tacky? FI is insistent we have them. It doesnt matter to me, but its apparently something he wants so I guess we are gonna end up getting them.

Re: chair covers

  • I think it depends on what type of chair you have available. At my venue, the chairs are REALLY tacky looking (bright red...stained...just plain OLD looking) so we'll DEFINITELY be using chair covers and sashes. If you have the elegant wooden chairs, they don't need a cover...but could use a sash if you wanted. I kind of feel like the sashes are a good place to incorporate your color(s) into what could possibly be a dull setting. Our room isn't that exciting...just a standard ballroom....so anywhere we can add a little excitement is good for me.
  • I don't see what could be tacky about chair covers and sashes, but I guess I could be biased as we are using them. HaHa. Our chairs at our venue aren't *ugly* per say, but they definitely don't go with our scheme. As pp mentioned, it is a great way to add some more color to your space. We are doing white covers and alternating between lime green and bright yellow sashes.I don't know what your budget is, but before making a decision I would check into the prices. It is going to cost us $3 per chair to rent and $3 per chair to get them put on. It is pretty costly, and honestly if something unexpected happens money wise, then we will probably cut them out.
  • We are using them too, they come in our reception package. I think I have a pic or two in my bio of the room not decorated at all and it's just pretty standard and boring, so anywhere we can add color will be nice. Though I must say, I actually think I prefer the look of having nicer wooden chairs with just sashes. But we don't have those ... so chair covers it is ... haha.
  • I don't think they are tacky, especially if the chairs aren't exactly nice. The package I went with at my venue has chair covers (white satin chair covers). I was thinking just covers looks a little plain... so I think we are going to do chair ties/sashes on every other chair! There's a possibility for you. My cousin did it and to be completely honest, I never even noticed that not all of the chairs had chair ties! For basic colors (white, ivory and black) I was quoted $1.50. For any other color, I was quoted $2.50 because they have to rent them from elsewhere. To be honest, I don't think people are going to remember whether your chairs had covers/sashes or not. This might be an area to save some $$!
  • I was thinking about using just sashes.. I thought they could add a little touch of personality to our reception. I'm not using chair covers b/c that's not the type of reception we are wanting to have. I think it's all on your personal feelings about them..
  • I personally like the chair covers and sashes then someone on another board said they looked "promish". I never thought about them that way. I will be buying covers and sashes instead of renting. It ends up costing the same and I can resell when i'm done. I'm getting them from efavormart.com. White satin chair covers are 3.49 and sashes 1.10. I just got my sample in the mail and I love them and they are really good quality. I just wanted to see what others opinions were. Thank You ladies!
  • DMLJDMLJ member
    ugh... honestly I hate chair covers.... it reminds me of sofa slip covers- you know, you can't afford the sofa you really want now so you make the ugly one "work" by covering it. For the price that I have to pay pp to be at my venue, I didn't want chairs that needed to be covered because the place was too cheap to get nice chairs (just my opinion). Luckily, my venues chairs are gorgeous- dark wood with red velvet.
  • I think chair covers and sashes are very elegant looking. However, there are other things I'd rather spend the money on, so unfortunately we won't be using them. If someone has enough money in their budget, I think they're awesome!
  • I think it all depends on the room and how you pull everything together.  I have seen pictures where they look really elegant and I have seen other pictures where it looks like a marshmallow has just vomited in the space.  We are using the chair covers that come in our venue package.  The dining room is not particularly formal itself and we think that the chair covers will dress it up a bit.
  • I think that the slip covers and sashes look beautiful and I agree that it is a great way to incorporate your colors into the room. Unfortunately, we are on a tight budget, and can't afford to spend the money on them - luckily the chairs at our venue are new and not ugly!
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  • I love the way chair covers and sashes look on the chairs.  I think it looks very elegant and clean.  Although we can not afford $3+ per chair and don't really want to pay that much either we won't be using them.  Unlike everyone else our chairs are ugly... they remind of me of a VFW chairs with the metal legs and around the top and the pattern is maroon and green and leaves and stuff.  They are ugly, but oh well... i don't think people will really pay attention.
  • If you have really pretty chairs, I would not get them.  But if you have mediocre or ugly chairs (we have uglyish/mediocre chairs...) then I would get them.  It will help tie your look together.  :) 
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