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July 2010 Weddings

Saying Hi!

Hi Everyone!I've been lurking for a while...just trying to get a feel for what this place is about.My name is Christa, my fiancee is Grant. We live in Monterey, California and will be getting married in my hometown (San Diego) on July 3, 2010. We've been engaged since last October, so I'm really hoping these next 10 months fly by!So far I've checked off:Ceremony/Reception VenuePastorPhotographerDJJust ordered the supplies for my DIY projects today, so that's a semi-check!Still have these large things to do:Dress!Save the DatesInvitationsFlowersCakeI'mreally looking forward to going through the next ten months with people who can totally understand what's going on! Hope I can be a help to you all too!

Re: Saying Hi!

  • We'll have been engaged about the same amount of time. Haven't these past months just flown by! Shopping for the dress is so fun. Although having some kind of idea of what you want can help a lot. My Fiance's cousin got married in Del Mar last year. The SD area is so great. Congrats!We live in VA, but met in CA and a lot of our family is there. We're getting married in Santa Rosa next July.
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  • Hi Christa!  I'm Sarah from VA and just wanted to say welcome.
  • Welcome! You have a lot done! I better get my a** moving!
  • Hi Christa! I'm Val from PA...Welcome to our board!! You will love it here :)
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  • Wow.. you've got quite alot finished congrats!! I'm glad you finally introduced yourself this board is pretty amazing!!
  • Hello and welcome, I am Jessica from Texas I am getting married July2, 2010. The months are flying by for me I feel like I am running out of time.
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  • Ginabav- I've had a LOT of time to do stuff already...Don't feel like you're behind! Plus, planning from afar is making it necessary to move a little quicker than normal. Every trip home is an opportunity to hunt for the right vendor...since I don't go home very often, as soon as I find a vendor I like, I book 'em!The florist is proving to be the trickiest to nail down, though. Just can't seem to find one I like that fits with my budget!
  • Hi! Just wanted to say hello and I'm Jessie from NC.  We are getting married July 24, 2010.  These months are flying by!  But that's a good thing, right?!
  • welcome! i'm kristen. you will love it here on this board. happy planning! =)
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  • Congrats and welcome! You've gotten so much done already, hopefully you can have some fun with your next checks! (Dress shopping has been my favorite!)
  • Hi Christa, welcome. I'm Christina from NH!Happy Planning :)
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  • Hi Christa! I'm Peggy from MA. Congrats and welcome!
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  • Welcome! I'm Amanda from MO.
  • hi welcome!! i'm Kati from Baltimore :D
  • Hey Christa your all added to the list! I'm Jen and I look forward to working with you too!
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