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September 2009 Weddings

NWR: Who does this? I mean really....

VENT:So I have owned my house for 3 yrs, up to now I have rented rooms to supp the mortgage bc I had the room and it was nice to have the income. Spence and I have been super excited bc our last roommate was moving out this month and we'd finally have the house to ourselves.Well the roommate decided to be a total azz hat about moving/rent/life in general. very long and dramatic story shorter, he moved out on Friday, finally paid the last part of his rent yesterday, about 3 hours before we realized that he stole DF's autographed poster of the game winning shot Mario Chalmers made in 08 for KU in the championship.....it was his Christmas gift last year and he LOVES IT.  We called dbag roommate, not being accusatory, just asking him to call us back, no answer and no return call.There hasnt been anyone else in or out of the house since Friday, with the exception of my dad who helped Spence move things from his storage unit yesterday....we have searched the entire house from top to bottom 3x, even had my parents come look as well in case we missed it bc we were so upset.  We called the police and filed a police report last night, the poster was matted and framed and cost about $250 (entire starting line and coach self signatures on it).  I am sooo incredibly upset about it, mostly bc Spence is so mad, I"m looking for another one to replace it since the odds of getting it back are pretty slim right now but I hadnt planned on spending another $200 on something non wedding related.  (The stores I've called have had ones that had MOST of the signatures on it, but I have yet to find one that has all of them again....)end vent.  sorry to unload. 

Re: NWR: Who does this? I mean really....

  • Suckiness of the situation is a given and I'm sorry to hear that!!! FBIL works at Moments in Sports at Oak Park. I just sent him a text to see if they have a replacement. That would make a nice wedding gift for FI. I'll let you know what he says!
    "When you're in love, sometimes you have to swallow your pride, and sometimes you have to keep your pride. It's a balance. But when the relationship is right, you find the balance."--Emily Griffin (Something Borrowed)
  • Thank you so much!  That would be a great gift to be able to replace for him!
  • Wow. I would be fuming.And that sounds like one badass poster, BTW. Rock chalk!
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  • Ummmmm, they have one. Signed and with the trophy, not of the shot. But........it's $900.  
    "When you're in love, sometimes you have to swallow your pride, and sometimes you have to keep your pride. It's a balance. But when the relationship is right, you find the balance."--Emily Griffin (Something Borrowed)
  • ouch, dont have $900 to spend on anything right now. I can come up with the $200 for one I found w most of the signatures, if we dont hear anything positive back from the police today I'll probably go get it (basically I will be cancelling most of my prewedding papmering I had scheduled, which sucks, but I'd rather have Spencer smiling than a massage/facial/mani/pedi any day lol....)
  • People kinda suck...
  • Dalta~ Kinda suck???? haha That's an understatement, right? Sorry to hear about this. I hope you are able to find it.... but at least you have found a similar replacement. :(
  • Wow, what a douche. I hope it eats away at his conscience until he comes back and returns it and begs for forgiveness.
  • Well, I would also check with your homeowner's insurance. And, since the one that had all of the signatures is selling for $900 it seems that you should change the police report to reflect that for the valuation. And then you may get some of the money back!
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  • This totally should be covered under your homeowner's insurance. Even if you have a $200 deductible, that's all it should cost you. Call them and reference anything else that is fully signed by the team.Also, did you return his deposit yet? I'd be putting that $300 towards it too
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