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Hey Ladies, I plan on having a mix of tall and short centerpieces on my tables at the reception, but I have a question. I know a lot of people don't like tall centerpieces because they block people's view. I just want to know what is a good size to avoid this. Anybody else doing tall centerpieces? What are your vase heights. I was looking at 21' and I was just wondering if they would be tall enough. Thanx

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    **oops I mean 21"**
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    yeah 21 should be good. Anything over 18 should be good.
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    I'm doing this! I think that 21' is the is the shortest you should go. 24'' and up are the best if you really don't want them in the way. And I think it depends to on the type of vase you are using. I've got a pic of one of my mock centerpieces if you would like to see.  Good luck!
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    I'm doing tall and short centerpieces. The tall ones are lanterns and they are 24.5 in. high.
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    I am doing 27" (I think that is how tall they are). I think that 21 should be cool.
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