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Help me find...

Any 49er fans in here? I dont like the 49ers but FI loves them & his birthday is coming up.. I want to get him a 49ers polo shirt to replace his old one that has shrunk and faded over the years.. but all of the cute ones that he would like are like $56.. I was hoping to get it a little cheaper than that.. Does anyone know where you can get good sports shirts for cheaper? Bonus if anyone can help me find a cute one...

Re: Help me find...

  • aren't you guys a bit far south to be 49ers fans? ;)  id probably check if you have sports paraphenalia (im too lazy to spell check) stores. any online stores? sorry im not much help.
  • Were only about 3-4 hours from SF..  I have been checking online.. I am going to call our sports stores tomarrow.. Unfortunatly, he doesnt want white and all of the other ones are like $56+... I am hoping I can find something tomarrow but I am running out of time.. his birthday is in less than a month.. he just now told me what he wants lol.
  • Did you try nflshop. com?
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  • Kniblet- That was one of the first places I tried.. They want $60 for the shirt.. plus shipping.. This is the actual shirt he wants.. I am willing to even get him a diff one but he doesnt want a plain one if that makes sense.. although this one is mostly red... I know picky lol.
  • y cant u spend 60.00? if its on somethin he wants

  • Ditto Midge, I saved for a month to buy Chris the little Flip thing he wanted "oh so bad".... (Which we've now replaced less than 6 months later with a Nikon that shoots HD video and stills.... GAH he's spoiled lol)But $60? Shouldn't take months to save- make your lunch instead of buying it for 2-3 weeks and you'll have an extra $60, I'll bet.
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  • I've never found any sports related clothing (other than plain t-shirts) under $50. I don't know if you have an Academy where you live, but that is the only place I can think of. 
  • Its not that I cant spend $60.. I just think $60 for 1 shirt is alot of money.. I am already spending $100-$150 on other stuff for his birthday... just figured if I could get the shirt cheaper then I would.. I am not used to spending that much money on a shirt.
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