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September 2009 Weddings

This seems surreal...

that I'm getting married on Saturday!  I'm so excited, but it almost seems a little weird. I'm just going day by day getting last minute stuff done, but it's a very strange feeling.  It's been so far away for so long, now that it's so close I don't know how to handle the emotion.  Do I sound crazy?  Does ANYONE have ANY idea what I'm talking about?

Re: This seems surreal...

  • I feel just that way, so confused and in disbelief. And I'm sorry that the planning is almost over- it's like the time before Christmas, when you're all excited, but then the day comes and it's over so soon. But worse.FI, on the other hand, is ecstatic... which is also weird.
  • I know what you mean! Seems like this week has already been that way for me, and it's only Monday! (Well, Tuesday here since it's actually 12:30am--LOL) I don't know how to handle it when people ask me if I'm excited or not...so many people have asked between friends & fam, that I sound like a broken record! However....FI came into my office tonight, asked if I am excited, and then told me he was. That gave me warm fuzzies--'cause he's the only one who matters in that sense :)
  • I can NOT believe I am getting married on Saturday. Plus, school goes back on Wednesday and then I have it Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday off to do lots of stuff - hair, nails, grooms cake, etc and then of course the rehearsal dinner. Plus, last night we had to get a new ceremony site and reception site. Fun stuff. But, the other night my FI was singing "We're getting married! In seven days. We're getting married! In seven days." It was HILARIOUS, I almost cried though because he was so happy. <3
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