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June 2010 Weddings

I've decided

to not watch Bridezillas the month before the wedding. for some brides, it's like murphy's law; everything that can go wrong goes wrong. but i blame it on the bride. she was 1.5 hrs late to everything and got upset because the priest had to cut out some of their ceremony due to the wedding after them. lol. i just hope my OCD will pay off and help me not to forget anything. *sigh*

Re: I've decided

  • I know how you feel.. I feel like something is going to go wrong.. for me.. everything has been so simple and easy.. so I figure something has to go wrong lol.
  • I spend entirely too much time trying to predict what's going to go wrong.... It's a character flaw. Lol I plan on making lots of lists and making sure everyone that could save the day has a copy... But then the hard part will be not placing blame for mistakes/unsolved problems. Something is bound to happen at our weddings... Let's just hope it'll be insignificant.
  • IMO most of the brides on Bridezillas make it harder on themselves. They don't just relax and enjoy their special day. I'm optimistic, but I'm sure some things will go wrong on our wedding day. I think the important thing is that we don't let whatever goes wrong ruin the whole day for us!
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