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HM reads?

Any good book suggestions for beach reads? Nothing too deep, I'm looking for good chick lit here! TIA!
Peace, Love & French Fries


Baked Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts

Re: HM reads?

  • Jane Greene and Marian Keyes are 2 of my fav chick lit authors, they are both british and their books are set in the UK which is fun tooThe Sookie Stackhouse books are light and easy reads (if you like vampires of course)Jennifer Weiner is fantastic as wellPhillipa Gregory does some good historical fiction if you are into that at allI googled chick lit authors and this site came uphttp://chicklitbooks.com/category/favorites/it might open up some new authors for you!
  • i second the Time traveler's Wife (eventhough the movie was terrible compared to the book!)... it's easy, fast, and lovey dovey!

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  • thanks for the ideas girls!
    Peace, Love & French Fries


    Baked Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts
  • I also endorse the Sookie Stackhouse series.  If you like vampires you might also enjoy the Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson.  They are hilarious.  And dirty.
  • Echoing pp...I have the Jennifer Weiner book "Good in Bed". That's definitely a beach-worthy read :) Thanks for this thread, btw. Has lots of good suggestions that could work for plane reads too! :)
  • I need to get books too. Most recent one I read was "Water for Elephants" which was the quickest read, I swear. I also want to read the Time Traveler's Wife.
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  • Time Traveler's Wife was a phenomenal book... but, it is not what I'd want to read on the beach on my honeymoon. Maybe I'm overly emotional over here but there were serious tears- Niners be warned!
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  • mary- good to know- I plan on taking The Time Travelers Wife also. Plus, Nicholas Sparks has a new book coming on on 9/8 (the day before my wedding) and I DEFINITELY plan on running to pick it up that day.

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