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Guess what. I just called all of your vendors and canceled your wedding. Mwhahahaha. Oh yeah, and I feel bad for your FI. ;)

Re: **tygirl**

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    Yeah, he is stuck with me. He's a sucker. It was great to finally meet you today and thanks for letting a hag come to the GTG. :)
  • jennlinjennlin member
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    you guys made up already? what a boring fight!
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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    Tygirl... I saw your post about eastside recs for photos. A really cool place is the Bellevue Hyatt. We did some wedding pics there and they turned out awesome. Also a great park in Kirkland is Juanita Beach park. We did our E pics there. There is also the marina area by the woodmark Hotel. Hope that helps! How is planning?
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    UW - Lol, the funny part was when I clicked on your reply last night all I saw was "Yeah, he is stuck with me." I was waiting for more! :) It was really good to meet you and Zista finally too! Old hags are always welcome at the GTGs. Jenn - Just can't do it. Don't want to turn this board into one of "the others." Bukah - thanks for the recs! We'd discussed the waterfront but aren't sure if that's too far of a drive or not for the photog to do. I think we'll scope out places this weekend and will put the Hyatt on the list. Planning's going well. Only stressful part for now is my mother. *sigh* But it's good to see you pop in! Love the siggy, BTW. :)
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    Haha, yeah, I couldn't think of anything mean to say. I like the Seattle board too much to cause drama :)
  • ZistaZista member
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    It was great to meet you ladies too!  But I am sad about the drama... maybe you can build up your meanness.  You know, practice. 

    I'm going to make an AWESOME big brother.

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