Ocken Photography...anyone familiar?

Got some info on this photographer; is anyone familiar with them,maybe know someone that used them?
4/12: HSG All Clear
5-1-12: DX of PCOS
5-4-12: DH S/A all normal.
5-16-12: Offically start IUI#1-->Clomid(50mg) + Trigger + IUI + progesterone supplements=BFN
IUI #2-same treatment-->BFN
July IUI#3-same treatment--->BFN
Aug 22, 2012-Laparoscopy Found/Removed extensive endometreosis.
September 2012-IUI #4-Same treatment as before. BFN
October 2012-forced break/Surgery to remove abnormal cells in left breast.
November 2012-First Injects Cycle (IUI #5)! 225IU Follistim CD 3-5, then monitoring appointment. 20+ follier & e2 >2000-Mild OHSS
December 2012-#2 Injects + IUI#6): Beta 1/18/13-BFN!
Jan 2013-Starting IVF!!! BC starts Jan 17/Lupron on Feb 13/Stims on Feb 18/ER on March 1 IVF Protocol: Lupron 10 units in am until stimms. Then 5 units of Lurpon in am, 150iu of Follistim and 1 unit of Menopur in pm. Holding dosage throughtout since response has been great. Thought we would be freeze all due to OHSS, but ended up getting more follicles then expected! 14 total!!! 12 mature and 11 fertilized. Dr calls for a 5 day transfer!! :) Will freeze remaining.
With Love & Strength, Hope Grows!
WHEN, not IF!!!

Re: Ocken Photography...anyone familiar?

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