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August 2010 Weddings

Bio finally!

So I finally sat down and made a bio. Address is in my signature...I don't know how to make it clicky

Re: Bio finally!

  • i like the idea of the escort cards sitting on dahlias. nice job on your bio!
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  • i love your bio!  and you're a san francisco bride too!  =)fantastic ideas, so far!   good luck with the rest of the planning.
  • btw, did you go to cal?
  • Nope, San Jose State! Go Spartans hehe =)
  • very nice!!  I see you got engaged at Disneyland...I got engaged at Disney World! :)
  • oh!  i thought you might've been a fellow cal alumna because i noticed that you're going to have your ceremony @ the berkeley botanical garden!  you're lucky, what a pretty area!  btw, to make your bio link a clicky, type this in your signature:<*a href="type your url in these quotes"> then type whatever you want people to click on <*/a>and of course i had to include two * signs so you would be able to see the html code, so you have to delete the two * signs.
  • I love the contrast of the ceremony to the reception! I think it will be really beautiful and unique.
  • I still can't make it clicky...hmmm I don't know what I'm going wrong.
  • DZ,Try this...How do I link my bio in my signature?      Make the URL to your bio short by using tinyurl or snipurl.       Use this code for a clickable link in your signature (take out the *):       <a target="_blank" href*="YOUR TINYURL HERE">My Bio</a>

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