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I am American, and by this I mean that my family has been in the States since they were the Colonies (lol), and I am engaged to a first generation Mexican-American. I have already made the decision to convert to Catholicism. However, I have never been to a Catholic Wedding, let alone a Mexican wedding. I have asked his sister about this stuff, and she is very helpful. 

The Problem: My best friend is a guy. I want him to be in the wedding party, as one of my Bride's Maids. And I don't know how FH's family, or the Church, will respond to this. I know if we were having a modern wedding, it wouldn't be a problem. But we want to have a wedding that is as traditional as possible. So, what do I do?

Re: American/Mexican Wedding

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    It shouldnt be a problem, but you'll just want to let your priest know what you're planning. I'm Catholic, but rules kind of vary depending on your church and parish. But that said, usually the Priest isnt so much concerned with your wedding party, considering that has nothing to do with the actual sacrament of marraige. Who stands where in the wedding party has no bearing on the ceremony itself, and not even required. Have you been thru RCIA or wedding prep yet? 
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