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Winter Wedding Reception Bar ideas

So i'm considering not having alcohol at my reception but what are some creative bar ideas for a winter wedding reception?
I'm thinking a milkshake and hot cocoa bar but what are some others?

Re: Winter Wedding Reception Bar ideas

  • An espresso bar - lattes, cappucinos, espresso, etc.
  • I don't know if this would really be wintery, but you could see about getting shaved ice instead of cubes for cold drinks. It would look like you are using snow to keep your drinks cold!

    If you decide to to cocoa, you could get little candy canes in place of drink stirrers. The mint flavor would add a little to the cocoa and you would get that chocolate chip minty taste. 
  • Punch with cranberries in it?  Or a non alcoholic cocktail with a cute wintery name.

  • Hot beverage bar - coffee with all kinds of fixins, different kinds of "specialty" hot chocolate (mint, raspberry, dark, etc), apple cider...yum.
  • I am getting married Dec 1st & I am having a desserts only reception with a big coffee/hot chocolate bar!!

    I'm having a local coffee shop provide the coffee & then I have different vintage milk glass bowls where I will have: sugar, marshmellows, hot cocoa, peppermint sticks, etc. & glass pouring jars for different creamers. I'm very excited about it :) I'm also going to have hot water to make the hot chocolate of course & tea if anyone would like hot tea. 

    Also, water & milk!

    I think it's a fabulous alternative to alcohol :)

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