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NWR: Charlotte electrician

Does anyone have any recs for a Charlotte area electrician? Tia!

Re: NWR: Charlotte electrician

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    Does he need to do anything special? I'll ask my dad for a recommendation (he's in the construction business) but I know he'll ask me a thousand questions.
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    Well, it's a pretty small job. We want to put a coaxial outlet (to hookup cable) on a wall in our master bedroom where there is none. There are a few that are in the room but we dont want to run wires across the floor. FI went up into the attic and says it would be really a job that is above his head (he isnt very handy ;) ), he wouldnt be able to tell where to run the cable, etc., says there are a lot of obstacles up there, and would rather have a pro do it. If your dad knows anyone who might fit the bill, I'd love to know their name! :)
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    if it is for hooking & running a cable for cable tv/internet, time warner will do it .......i think they quoted us around $200
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    We actually have satellite, and we asked the guy who came out if they did it, and he said they do not, that we'd have to hire someone separately. :(
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    My Dad didn't know any residential guys, but he gave me the name of the company that wired the condo building he built uptown (Summit Grandview). He wasn't sure if they would do a small job like yours, but I guess it couldn't hurt to ask.The company is J&J Prewire. If you e-mail me at GoreJess at I'll send you the number he gave me. It's the owner's cell so I don't know if you'd even want to use that one :)
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    When I moved in my duplex we had a contract with DirecTV from my FI old place.  The area of the living room that had the only tv outlet was not where we wanted out TV.  Unfortunately, we could not have DirecTV due to some tree issues and we are renting so we did not want to cut trees down. But if we could have had direcTV they would have put the outlet where we wanted at no additional charge.  Now we had to go with cable..blah its not as good as satalite but they put a cable outlet in for us at no charge to us.  The only thing we had to have was our landlord presant to sign a doc saying it was ok to cut a hole in the wall.  I don't see why your sat. company is saying you have to have an electrician do this.  They have the tools and do this all the time.  I would ask again.  Maybe the person you spoke with was being lazy and didnt wanna help you.  I get that all the time with my phone company I just hang up and call back to get a different operator. GL HTH!!!  Oh my dad has sat. and the company put the holes in the wall for him they just asked him where they needed to drill!
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