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September 2009 Weddings

Speaking of Wedding Dresses...

SEPTEMBER'S SIGGY CHALLENGE!!!(Yeah, it's tomorrow, but I want a new siggy pic....)YOUR WEDDING DRESS - first fitting, 2nd, final, or stock photo from the desinger... whatever you want to show off.Don't want to show off your dress because of a nosy FI?Alt siggy challenge:  THE BM DRESSReady.... go!

Re: Speaking of Wedding Dresses...

  • I think I'll wait until my first fitting on Thursday.
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  • I'll bite on this one I suppose
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    Charlie ? 12/11/2011

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  • I <3 my dress. Now I just need to go to the gym and burn off all of the calories consumed this weekend so that maybe it'll zip up on wedding day.
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  • I don't have any good pics of me in the dress (whine!)
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    Audrey Pearl
  • Yay!
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  • I forgot to take pictures at my final fitting of the complete look.  Especially since I had my hair trial that morning.  So here is a picture of the dress from when I first found it.
  • Let's see how this worked....
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  • hahaha Mac, it's very fetching on you!!
  • These are from 1st and 2nd fitting. I get to bring her home Wednesday! Weeeeee!
  • :D its in my bio if you really wanna see. that is if my bio isnt being an a$$hole today.
    Kari & Jesse 09.26.09


  • i hope it worked
  • I don't have any pictures of me in them at work.  Sorry but I guess these will have to do!
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  • just testing!
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