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I see you are from Iowa. If you don't mind me asking, where from? Was it a city here that banned trick or treating?!
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Re: *ks107021*

  • Yep the town is in Iowa...West Union is the name of it.  Still bitter.  ;)
  • Monona?!  So MFL right?!  Small world!  I had a good friend that taught at MFL a few years ago. 

    Well the ban was lifted many years ago...I was in high school and I am old!  :)  So, they have had trick or treating for some time now.  I believe it was banned, or very strong discouraged, because I believe there was a sexual predator in the area one year.  So, they decided trick or treating would not be good.  The town started this big Halloween party, it was a hit, continued to not have trick or treating for many years.  So, it was really only "banned" for a year or two but the party over-took. 
  • Don't want to put her name on a publc forum.  ;)  She taught Spanish and is now a principal at a nearby elementary. 
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