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SWR: Camcorders

For FI's wedding gift I want to get him a camcorder. (don't be dirty ladies!) He has always wanted one for when we go to the track and such. But I have no idea where to start!What do you have? TIA!
Hunter David Robert

Re: SWR: Camcorders

  • I don't think they are really fancy or anything but I have heard great things about the Flip cameras, My friend has one and uses it all the time because it is small and she just keeps it in her bag. 
  • I don't have one yet, but FI and I have been eyeing up one like this: [url][/url] to take with us on the HM. We want something small and compact, but with plently of space to record.
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  • We just bought one from Best Buy last weekend. It was an open item so it was 1/2 the price. All because someone bought it, opened the box and returned it. Oncethat happens they cant sell them as new anymore. Lucky for us. Its a Samsung.
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  • we're looking to get one for the wedding/HM ourselves, so I think I'm going to be keeping an eye on this thread.
  • I second the flip one for something easy to use and not to big. Its nothing to fancy. A friend of mine asked me to record her sister wedding ceremony and I used their flip and it was easy to use and download. The only con was you can only zoom in so far and with theirs you only had about an hour of recording time.
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  • FI's bday is the day after the wedding and we'll be on our HM.  I've been racking my brain for a gift and I never thought of a camcorder!  I already got his WoW character made but I don't think it will get here in time.
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  • heyxu - where did you get the WoW character made??  Screw FI - I want this done for me! ;D
  • That was the hardest part!  I googled it, but nothing good came up except for a few etsy ones that were just blah and then I saw a post on someone's LiveJournal that had all of the details of the armor and weapons, everything.  I left a comment on their LJ and also posted on P&E where someone gave me the link to [url][/url]!!!  It turns out that's the same place the LJ person got hers.Sorry for the long story, but I spent hours trying to find something >.<The customer service is nice, they put a note on my order to make it high priority so I could have it for his bday.  I told them that it was for a cake topper for my wedding.  It usually takes at least a month to finish.
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  • WHOOHOOO!!!!! Ok, sorry to hijack.... back to your regularly scheduled Camcorder thread... ¬_¬
  • thank you ladies!
    Hunter David Robert
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