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December 2009 Weddings

Candy Buffet

Is anyone doing one? I am thinking I might want to but not sure how much candy to get, where to get it from (some people have told me about diff websites that are cheap but should I go to Sams Club/Costco?), and how many different types!?!?!?If anyone is doing this please help me out!!!TIA

Re: Candy Buffet

  • I'm not doing one but I have heard its cheaper to order throught the manufacturer for this. Liek if your using M&M's to actually get them from the M&M website.
  • I'm not doing one although I had thought about it at one point. I've seen some where people will have jars filled with loose candy (like M&Ms, chocolate-covered almonds, etc) and little scoops, and others where people will have wrapped candies (like snicker bars, kit-kat bars, fun size packages of skittles) and you just pull them out. I think the look of the loose candy is a little nicer, but the wrapped one sounds so much easier and a little cleaner.Just one thing to think about though... my mom is part of the staff that works weddings at my venue and she said a couple set up a candy bar a few weeks ago. She said the idea was really cute, but what ended up happening was that all of the children there consumed most of it, and the sugar rush made them absolutely insane. If you're going to have kids there then just keep that in mind. ;o)
  • We have very few children attending our evening reception so the Candy Buffet is for the grown up kids. We are doing a bit of both wrapped and loose candy in various vintage bowls lined with red cellophane paper to coordinate. We are offering about 8- 10 types of candy.  We have color coordianted bags and take out boxes with a personalized sticker for folks to take things home in. We are not giving out any trickets for favors- just the candy & treats.
  • We were going to do one but then we realized it could add hundreds of dollars to the wedding! Instead we're doing a cookie buffet, we're going to use old family recipes and make them ourselves to save even more money. Plus its a fun thing to do, since i love baking... plus you can make whatever kinds of cookies you want, you arent limited to what you can afford or find.
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