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December 2009 Weddings

Got engaged on Friday...12/12 wedding!

Hi everyone! I just got engaged on Friday and we are thinking of doing a wedding brunch on 12/12 with about 100 guests.  um...is it too late to get a dress? We will be doing a lot of DIY stuff...so I'm not worried about the centerpieces, favors, invites...and we're not asking for gifts for us, we're asking that everyone bring a gift for Toys For Tots instead...so we need a clever way to say that in the invite too...So my concern is the dress!! We don't have bridal parties, so its just mine...any help would be appreciated! I'm so excited!!! Thanks!!

Re: Got engaged on Friday...12/12 wedding!

  • If you buy a dress off the rack or a sample dress you'd be fine. Not sure about ordering a custom dress though. Even if you rush it you would still need time to do alterations. I wouldn't put the bit about Toys for Tots on the invite. Whether the gifts are for you or for charity I don't think that information belongs on the invite. I would not register and have your family spread that you will be donating any gifts you receive to Toys for Tosts by word of mouth. Your guest list is small enough that most people should get the message. That way you're not really telling people that they have to donate, it's more of a choice that they get to make on their own.
  • I never even thought of that...thank you! Yea, the word will definitely get to everyone with my family! :) Thanks for the input!!
  • Congrats on the engagement!  I agree w/the PP - you probably won't have enough time for the dress to be special ordered.  Start dress shopping immediately and go to stores that you know sell dresses off the rack.  You can call to ask if they have dresses in your size in advance to narrow your search.  Best of luck!
  • Congrats! I bought my dress "off the rack," because it was a couture gown that would take 9 mo. to make and I only had 6 mo. at the time. They also only sell 2 of each dress so not too many will have the same gown in one area. Therefore, I didn't have to worry about waiting for it to come in. I didn't know that was an option because I always though off the rack meant it was on sale, past season, etc. Good Luck :)
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  • I bought my dress off the rack! I love it! You can see a picture of it if you click my 'user name'. Most bridal shops have their 'older' dresses still available to purchase and they're usually in really good shape. I actually have another dress, that was an $800 Mon Cheri that I got for $79. I found the other one, and I like it better for a winter wedding. You and I are getting married on the same date! I just hope the weather is good for us. Not sure where you're located. We get tons of Lake Effect snow... Good luck with your planning!
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  • I got engaged in July and had many of the same concerns. I ended up looking at local department stores (found my a-maaaazing winter white, wool YSL suit dress at Neimans) but also looked at bridal shops. An alternative (and potentially cost + time saving) route: look at bridesmaid dresses. Many are long and come in ivory/champagne. They take less time to get in and are typically a bundle cheaper. If you have your heart set on a dress but don't want to go all out for the big cupcake pouf gown, you can definitely find some amazing options this way.As for donations to charity. Check out www.idofoundation.org My fiance and I are a bit older and have most of the items we need, but realizing that friends/family are generous and want to celebrate with you, we decided to use a charity registry. You can either (1) register at various locations (Macys, REI, Target, Amazon) and have a % donated to the charity of your choice or (2) ask guests to donate directly to the charity of your choice. This way they can donate as much (or little) as they feel comfortable. Win Win for all!Good luck! :)
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