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December 2010 Weddings


I figure since there is already a few of us on the board we should introduce ourselves and provide a bit of info so we get to know each other. We will be with each other for a long time!! How about:First name:FI's first name:How you met:When you got engaged (and how?):Your wedding date:Where you are getting married:Any other little facts you want to share:I'll start... First name: Alicia FI's first name: JasonHow we met: A party near Cleveland 6 years ago, but did not actually start dating until 4 years ago.When we got engaged: Dec. 25, 2007, In front of my whole family, we live about 2-3 hours away from my family so when we go to my parents house he knows I spend a lot of my time with them, because to me time is so precious. It meant a lot to me.Wedding date: December 11, 2010Where: Kent, Ohio Other facts: We are waiting until I am done with school to get married, I will officially be done December 2009 as a Respiratory Therapist!! And I have always dreamed of having a christmas wedding!PS...I am new to the board!

Re: Introductions!

  • First name: Cheryl FI's first name: John How you met: We meet in High School - but we didn't start dating until five years later When you got engaged (and how?): Dec. 21st 2008. We were driving through Christmas Town, NC and we got out of the car and walked across this bridge where you can see the whole town lite up in christmas lights. On that bridge he got down on one knee and proposed! Your wedding date: December 29th 2010 Where you are getting married: Raleigh, NC Any other little facts you want to share: I am a full time grad student in SLC so I'm planning a wedding from the other side of the country.
  • First name: Nicole FI's first name: Matthew How you met: August 18, 2007. We are from Philly and Matt is a mummer. I actually live next door to his club but we didn't meet untill my mom "made" us talk while out one night in North Wildwood. When you got engaged (and how?): July 9, 2009. This is going to be long because I can't shorten his creativeness! After a nice dinner at Villa Di Roma with Pat and Janae, we were going back to Matt's house to watch Slum Dog Millionaire. Pat and Janae were meeting us there because Pat forgot to feed his dog. While sitting in my "reading chair" reading People, Matt asked me if the movie had two DVD's. Not paying much attention I told him "I don't know just try one." A minute later I hear one of my favorite songs, Save the Last Dace for Me by Michael Buble. When I looked at the TV a slide show of our photos was playing. I asked what it was and he told me to just watch. Matt has made me mixed CD’s for special occasions in the past, so I was trying to figure out what it could be for. (I don’t catch on too fast) The slide show continues through the songs Still the One by Kansas and Everything’s Good about you by The Supremes. Finally the last song was With This Ring by The Platters, while this was playing pictures of the Mummers Museum Winners Circle appeared (This is when I realized what was going on because Matt always told me he wanted to propose in the Winners Circle) followed by pictures of the ring and ended with “Nicole , Will You Marry Me” scrolling up the screen. As I looked over Matt was on one knee with the ring in his hand and asked if I would marry him. I asked if he was serious because the ring was so beautiful I didn’t think it could be real. When he responded with a yes I said yes! We went back to my house where our families were waiting. I had to call my girlfriend because none of them knew! It was perfect! More then I could have ever asked for! Your wedding date: 12-11-10 (The countdown to spending the rest of our lives together duh!) Where you are getting married: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Philadelphia, PA Any other little facts you want to share: We both love the holiday season and Christmas music that is how we decided on a December wedding!
  • First name: Tinya FI's first name: PhilipHow you met: Working togetherWhen you got engaged (and how?): May 27,2009 He took me downtown where he asked me to be his girlfriend almost 6 years to the date.And we talked about alot of things and when we started walking back to the car I was walking a little faster, and he called my name and when I turned around he got down on one knee!Your wedding date: December 11,2010Where you are getting married: My home churchAny other little facts you want to share: We have been together for over 6 years and have a 4 year old daugther.
    Philip && Tinya 12.11.10
  • CeLora David He and I met online and talked frequently and our friendship grew from there! He and I got engaged August 15th, but are making it official (the talk with my Dad) on September 6th! December 11, 2010 Omaha, NE Other facts: We are combining two pre made families, with a total of 5 kids, including 2 Austins! This is going to get crazy! We chose 12/11/10 because he says its easy to remember the date!
  • First name: ChristieFI's first name: BrianHow you met: We met at my best friend's wedding! I was the maid of honor and he was the bartender lol. We danced all night and we haven't been separated since!When you got engaged (and how?): He proposed on our one year anniversary which was May 24th, 2009. He took me to Mackinac Island for a romantic getaway and when we got back to St. Ignace he took me to a lighthouse that I had been wanting to go to. He sat me down and told me that he got me a present and when I asked him what it was he got down on his and told me he loved me and then asked me to marry him! I of course said yes and then I jumped on him!Your wedding date: Probably 12/04/2010 depending on the church and the hall.Where you are getting married: Probably Midland, Mi since that is where we live, but we are looking at a couple other areas.Any other little facts you want to share: I spent my whole life searching for Mr. Right but all I found was Mr. Cheat, Mr. Liar, Mr. User, Mr. Alcoholic and Mr. Lets keep us a secret! I was believing that I couldn't get any better or that I deserved any better and then I met Brian! He changed my whole perspective of men and relationships! Everyday we try to make eachother happy! It's the relationship I have always dreamed of and it keeps getting better! We have the romantic yet real relationship I have always dreamed of!
  • cguernsey I'm getting Married in Saginaw :-)
    200 Celebrating with us image
    December 2010 Siggy Challange 11/15-11/21: engagement ring. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Days until I become Mrs. C
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